[Gate.io: For beginners] Can NFT selfies be sold?

The NFT market has expanded rapidly in recent years. There is also a large number of individual investors and creators entering the market. Under such circumstances, the number of creators selling photos is increasing. Can you sell a selfie photo?

[Gate.io: For beginners] Don’t mess with NFT art The reason

The NFT market has become a very hot market in the 2020s, and it is a field where many investors and companies are entering. While NFTs are expanding rapidly, many people are sounding the alarm. What kind of risks does NFT art pose?

[Gate.io: For beginners] Is NFT gas free?

What we have to be careful about in the future of NFT is the gas price. I want to sell NFT, but will it cost money? I will let you know how much the fees will be.