[Gate.io: For Beginners] What is API? automated trading


Other cryptocurrency exchanges also have API keys. By using this API, you can check the transaction history, check the market, and even perform automatic trading. In other words, you can create an environment that makes trading much easier, so it will be a necessary function especially for those who want to do automatic trading.

What are APIs?

API is a mechanism that allows other apps to use the functions provided by Gate.io. By using the API, it is possible to introduce the Gate.io system in applications, etc., so you can create a mechanism that allows you to use the functions smoothly. This means that you can easily see currency price fluctuations, order status, transaction history, etc. by obtaining this API key. APIs make it easy to get the information you need for trading.

API functions

So what can we actually do with the API?

Order status

By making full use of the API, you can display currency information related to deposits, withdrawals, and transactions, as well as the required fees. Smoothly check pending orders and currency balances.

Trading History

By making full use of the API, you can grasp the profit and loss so far and the market price of the currency at the time of purchase. By checking the profit and loss, you will be able to understand the acceptable range of funds to invest in cryptocurrencies from now on.

Market trend

By making full use of the API, you will be able to obtain currency pair movements and market information. You can use the information you have on Gate.io with your own apps.

automated trading

By making full use of the API, you will be able to perform automated trading. Gate.io’s API allows automatic trading. However, automated trading is very dangerous because it is generally said that even if the winning rate exceeds 90%, the bankruptcy rate will eventually exceed 99%. Please do so at your own risk.

API key acquisition method

I will let you know how to create an API key on Gate.io. First you have to open an account. I will introduce it in the article below, so I hope you can refer to it. Also, please complete the two-factor authentication. The API key cannot be used until the identity verification level is completed.

After opening an account, log in. You can create it by expanding the menu from the red frame mark and clicking “API”.

Source : Gate.io

Click Create API Key to start creating.

Source : Gate.io

Enter the basic information for the API key to be created. Select and create API key remarks, IP permission, whether to link with IP, API key type, and account type. Finally, we do a security verification to securely create API keys. Authenticate with your fund password and Google Authenticator and you’re done.

Source : Gate.io

Once you have the API, you will be able to use it by linking it. In order to utilize the API, it is necessary to deal with programming code. Please use it after understanding that you need programming knowledge.