[Bybit: Virtual currency, NFT] Is bit cash coin Owakon? The future of BCH


Bitcoin Cash has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in recent years. It is very well known and many people invest in it. However, the price of Bitcoin Cash is expected to fall in the near future. Why?

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a coin created by splitting from Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash has a capacity of 32MB per block and Bitcoin has 1MB, so it has the advantage of being able to process more information. Bitcoin Cash can be said to be upwardly compatible with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash uses smart contracts. A smart contract is a mechanism that automatically makes a contract. It mainly refers to the system used in Ethereum, etc.

Bitcoin and price movements are linked

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency born from the first hard fork of Bitcoin in 2017. Perhaps because of that, the basic price movement tends to be linked to Bitcoin. However, since around 2022, the price movement of Bitcoin Cash has been declining, and attention is being paid to whether it can recover in the future.

Is Bitcoin Cash Owakon?

The price of Bitcoin Cash is expected to drop in the near future.

competing currency

In the cryptocurrency market, where new coins are being created every day, you never know when a more powerful coin will emerge. Therefore, there is no guarantee that users who are currently purchasing Bitcoin Cash will continue to purchase Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is in a pinch if a replacement coin comes out.

bitcoin drop

Bitcoin Cash is a coin that was derived from Bitcoin, so it tends to move with Bitcoin. Therefore, if bitcoin falls in the future, it is possible that bitcoin cash will also fall in conjunction with it.


There is a risk of hacking in virtual currencies, not just Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency market was very busy in the 2010s, but now it’s on the decline. The reason for this is that the NFT market is expanding and users who are afraid of the risk of unauthorized access and hacking are appearing in other investment products. In the future, there is a possibility that the virtual currency market will cool further.

mining regulation

There are mining regulations in China. Therefore, there is a possibility that the value of Bitcoin Cash will decrease as these regulations increase. If we don’t get this information quickly from the news, etc., there is a possibility that the market will crash.

The future of Bitcoin Cash

I have only introduced the disadvantages of Bitcoin Cash, but is there a future?

base currency

Currently, Bitcoin is the base currency for many exchanges, but Bitcoin Cash may replace it. Bitcoin Cash has the potential to outperform Bitcoin due to its superior performance.

means of payment

Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are excellent when it comes to payment methods. Low delays and low fees. It is also suggested that this aspect will be further evaluated and the number of people who invest will increase. In fact, demand for Bitcoin Cash is increasing in Asia and Europe, and its value is increasing.

Utilization of smart contracts

Smart coin tracts are expected to be applied to various business fields because they can make automatic contracts. Bitcoin Cash has smart contract functionality.

BCH investment is also possible on Bybit

BCH, which is said to be Owakon and is said to have a future, can also be invested in Bybit. It is possible to open an account from the following article. If you are interested, you should also read the following articles.