Bitget: Explaining how to withdraw from Bitget (cancellation)


We will explain how to delete the trading account you are using on Bitget’s crypto asset exchange and what to keep in mind. Bitget is one of the world’s most popular virtual currency exchanges, but if you no longer have the opportunity to use it, it’s better to delete your account than leave it alone. Account deletion can be done immediately, so I will explain it with an image.

Opening a Bitget account is free

Currently, it is possible to open a Bitget account for free. Traders have access to a large number of features. Support is also extensive and additional accounts can be opened. Bitget ranks high in the popularity rankings among overseas crypto asset exchanges. You can also trade using a PC or an app. Complete the KYC process by setting a password and submitting documents. Once you purchase virtual currency, you can trade it with spot or futures.

Lots of bonuses and campaigns

Bitget offers a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and campaign benefits for crypto asset trading. In addition to being held frequently, there are many events such as Launchpad, so there are many opportunities to get rewards by participating. You can check the latest information on the news details on the company’s official website. There are also ways to earn money through friend invites and referral programs.

has its own token

Bitget has its own token, BGB. By owning BGB, you will be able to obtain airdrops in many events. Traders can gain many benefits by owning a large amount. The fees are low and there are many benefits. We also have a license from the Financial Services Agency, so we are regulated, reliable, and safe.

Many coins available

Bitget handles over 600 types of coins. In addition to major coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, ETH, and USDT, we also have a wide range of altcoins. All management is done in the wallet, and there is also two-factor authentication, so the security is quite solid and you can safely order products and buy and sell amounts. There is no risk of funds outflow.

Many trading methods

There are many ways to trade in the market, and services are provided in various categories such as spot trading, futures, P2P, automated trading (BOT), savings, launch pools, mining, and staking. Users can download the trading app and easily trade on the data. We recommend that the maximum leverage is 125x. Although the principal is not guaranteed, zero cuts are used, so there will be no negative impact. It is an exchange with a high trading volume every day.

Copy trading possible

Copy trading is possible, and by copying an expert professional trader, even beginners can win overall. If you research and copy traders with high yields, your returns will increase. At the same time, learn about price movements and increase your earning power on your own. As you get used to it, you will be able to make flexible trades on your own by making proactive moves.

Explaining the flow of how to cancel Bitget membership

There is no information on the internet about how to cancel your Bitget membership, so I will explain the process on this blog. First, log in to the official website of the operating company and click on the icon from the home screen. This will usually open a drop-down menu, so click on the icon.

Source : Bitget

The user can check the latest profile screen as shown below. Click to cancel your account. The procedure will then begin.

Source : Bitget

The conditions and matters for account cancellation are that all positions, including sub-accounts, be settled, and that all profits must be withdrawn. Once that is done, start the process online. These conditions are also published on Bitget’s official media.

Source : Bitget

Frequently asked questions about Bitget cancellation

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding withdrawal. I hope you find the following items helpful. There are rules so please check them. If you have any concerns, please check the terms and conditions and contact the community or support center from the site map. Bitget also has a management blog, so please check out the latest articles.

Is it dangerous to leave your account unattended?

Leaving your account unattended is not recommended. If you leave funds in there, you may be hacked, so we recommend deleting them if you are not using them. Personal information is also registered, so it would be even more dangerous to leave it unattended. Additionally, as a policy, once an account is deleted, it cannot be changed or restored permanently. Please accept this before proceeding.

Why can’t I delete my account?

Bitget’s Terms of Use for content states that if you hold a position that you ordered through operations on the platform, or if you have not withdrawn or exchanged money and have a balance in your account, even if you apply for withdrawal, it will not be processed immediately. I can’t proceed. Please be sure to clear both before proceeding with the withdrawal process.

Is it possible to re-register?

Once you cancel your Bitget account, it cannot be restored and cannot be used again. However, even if you delete it, you can still create a new account. In that case, please be careful as all KYC will be redone.