Bitget: Thorough explanation of Bitget copy trading fees and setting methods


At Bitget, professional traders are doing copy trading on the platform, so we will explain the features, fees, setting methods, and how to make the best profits. This copy trading is one of the reasons why Bitget has become one of the most popular crypto asset exchanges in the world. If you can copy trade, even beginners will be able to earn money quickly, so it is a highly recommended feature.

What is Bitget copy trading? Features, advantages and disadvantages

What are the features of Bitget’s copy trading program? We will introduce the advantages and disadvantages. Bitget copy trading is possible for both futures, spot, and BOT. Bitget is attracting attention among global crypto asset exchanges and ranks high in popularity rankings. We have a wide range of campaign services. You can trade ETH, XRP, BTC, BGB tokens, etc. not only on the web but also on the app.

Trader’s track record is fully disclosed

Bitget copy trading allows you to check and see the market performance data items of all traders. Therefore, it is now possible to copy excellent traders with good performance, and it is now possible to select traders based on risk and return. You can also see our specialty products and currency pairs.

Different from automatic trading

Copy trading and automatic trading are different. Automated trading is a system that creates a system such as BOT and has machines perform the same transactions. On the other hand, copy trading is a discretionary trade, so it tends to be easier to increase profits by mixing limit orders and market orders. Automatic trading has a failure rate of over 99%, but with discretionary trading, the probability of winning is actually higher.

You can earn money even if you leave it alone

Bitget’s copy trading allows you to automatically trade by simply selecting the trader you want to follow and leaving them alone. In other words, even if you are at work, the traders will steadily save money, so the benefits will be huge. You can jump in and trade right away by moving from your wallet to your spot or futures account.

Copy trading possible with altcoins

Unlike other exchanges, Bitget’s copy trade is the only one that allows you to trade with altcoins. Also, the maximum leverage at that time varies depending on the currency pair, so please refer to the list below. In the case of futures trading, it is as follows, and copy trading of spot trading does not have leverage.


low fees

Bitget’s copy trading requires the copying party to pay a 10% commission (margin) to an expert professional trader. There are no fees when there is a loss. You can also register as a professional trader, in which case you will be paid an additional 10% on your regular trading profits. Slippage does not occur often.

It’s OK even if you have no trading knowledge

Beginners can start trading without any trading knowledge or experience. In general, beginners tend to find it difficult to cut losses and take profits because they cannot see the flow of price movements. With copy trading, professionals compensate for such lack of experience, so it is possible to continue trading without going bankrupt. However, on the other hand, copy trading is completely left unattended and depends on the trader, so your trading skills will not improve.

There is a risk of loss

Copy trading does not legally guarantee the principal and is at your own risk. Funds in your account may disappear due to significant market price fluctuations. Since you are just copying the traders’ trades, you must also consider the possibility of loss cuts. Since market trends differ every day, it is important for individuals to properly analyze and check whether they are bullish or bearish, whether they are trending or in a range, whether it is better to sell or buy.

Steps and methods to start copy trading with Bitget

In order to start copy trading with Bitget, opening an account is a prerequisite. Let’s start by creating an account. The next step is to deposit funds. Please refer to the article below as well.

Let’s start copy trading right away. Log in and select copy trade from the home screen. Users can follow top traders themselves as they trade in real time. Choose someone you can trust. You can also view your trading history.

Source : Bitget

Bitget copy trading allows both spot trading and futures trading. Futures copy trading allows copy trading with leverage. Leverage can be up to 125x. Spot copy trading is a copy trade that targets spot buying and selling. There is no leverage as you are actually purchasing the physical item. Also, in the case of physical items, you can only buy them and not sell them.

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You can view the trader’s performance by clicking on the username. Bitget allows you to check detailed information of traders such as: In my experience, traders with more followed users can win more consistently. However, the important point is that there is a capacity limit, so please be aware that if the capacity is exceeded, you will not be able to follow. It should be noted that there are other items, so the 3-week return rate is not very reliable. Even if there is a position with an unrealized loss, it is not very helpful as the final determined profit and loss will be the rate of return.

Registration dateNumber of days since registration
Number of followersNumber of users following the trader
CapacityMaximum number of followers
Cumulative number of followersCumulative number of people following the trader
trading currencyCurrency pairs that traders are trading
Total assetsTrader total assets
Return on investment (ROI)return on investment
total profit and lossTotal profit and loss of the order
Number of profitable tradesNumber of trades with positive return
Number of transactions with lossesNumber of negative return trades
Order currently being copiedPositions currently held by the trader

Source : Bitget

On the settings screen, set parameters related to trader copy trading. You will decide on automatic payment rules, etc. Select the currency pair to trade, set the investment amount for one order, and make settings for profit taking and stop loss. Once this setting is made, the latest copy trading that utilizes this will start. Don’t worry, the standard content settings you see can be changed later.

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Bitget copy trading FAQ

We have specially compiled frequently asked questions regarding copy trading on Bitget, so we hope you will find it helpful. It has quite a lot of functions among brokers. If you have any questions, please ask our official support center team, community, and media.

Can you really make money by copy trading?

This depends on the trader who copied it. We recommend checking your trading results at least once a week. Also, it is better not to choose a trader whose unrealized losses will be large. There is a possibility that you will lose the entire amount. Traders who cannot cut their losses will 100% go bankrupt.

Can I follow a trader forever if I follow them once?

It is possible to continue following, but there may be cases where the trader refuses to follow. This means that followers with less funds are more likely to be removed. Traders also want to earn money from commissions, so those who invest a large amount of money are given preferential treatment.

What kind of traders are recommended for beginners?

Traders recommended for beginners are those who have a high profit margin, a large number of followers, and a large number of transactions. The more traders have a long-term track record, the more recommended they are.

Can I follow as many traders as I want?

It is possible to copy multiple traders. However, since the trading styles are different, if you copy multiple people at once, the unrealized loss may become large, so be careful as it may result in a loss cut.

How much funding do I need?

There are no minimum funds or other rules. However, if you are just starting out, we do not recommend investing a large amount of money all at once. It is wise to start with a small amount and gradually increase the investment amount.

Opening a Bitget account is free

Opening a Bitget account is free. Traders have access to a large number of features. Support is also extensive and additional accounts can be opened. Bitget ranks high in the popularity rankings among overseas crypto asset exchanges.

Lots of bonuses and campaigns

Bitget offers a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and campaign benefits for crypto asset trading. In addition to being held frequently, there are many events such as Launchpad, so there are many opportunities to get rewards by participating. You can check the latest information on the news details on the company’s official website. There are also ways to earn money through friend invites and referral programs.

has its own token

Bitget has its own token, BGB. By owning BGB, you will be able to obtain airdrops in many events. Traders can gain many benefits by owning a large amount. The fees are low and there are many benefits. We also have a license from the Financial Services Agency, so we are regulated, reliable, and safe.

Many coins available

Bitget handles over 600 types of coins. In addition to major coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, ETH, and USDT, we also have a wide range of altcoins. All management is done in the wallet, and there is also two-factor authentication, so the security is quite solid and you can safely order products and buy and sell amounts. There is no risk of funds outflow.

Many trading methods

There are many ways to trade in the market, and services are provided in various categories such as spot trading, futures, P2P, automated trading (BOT), savings, launch pools, mining, and staking. Users can download the trading app and easily trade on the data. We recommend that the maximum leverage is 125x. Although the principal is not guaranteed, zero cuts are used, so there will be no negative impact. It is an exchange with a high trading volume every day.

Copy trading possible

Copy trading is possible, and by copying an expert professional trader, even beginners can win overall. If you research and copy traders with high yields, your returns will increase. At the same time, learn about price movements and increase your earning power on your own. As you get used to it, you will be able to make flexible trades on your own by making proactive moves.