Bitget: Explaining Bitget withdrawal methods and fees Reasons for not being able to withdraw money and solutions


We will explain Bitget’s withdrawal methods and fees, as well as the possibility of withdrawal refusal. Withdrawal and remittance methods are much simpler and easier than deposit methods. Bitget requires withdrawals in virtual currency. There are a number of things to keep in mind when doing so, so you need to be aware of them before proceeding.

About Bitget withdrawal methods and fee rules

Please be aware of the following rules regarding withdrawals and fees on Bitget.

Transfer funds to physical account

Bitget only allows withdrawals from physical accounts. The method of transferring funds is as follows. First, click on the wallet icon on the home screen and select Transfer Funds.

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You can transfer funds from here. You can decide how much to send from which account to which account and in which virtual currency.

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Withdrawals can be made in virtual currency and fiat currency

Only virtual currency and fiat currency can be withdrawn. At the time of deposit, it was possible to deposit by credit card or virtual currency, but the withdrawal method is determined to a certain extent. If KYC is completed, the amount will increase to 200 BTC equivalent.

Identity verification (KYC) is required for withdrawals of 20 BTC or more

You can withdraw money without verifying your identity, but the amount you can withdraw is limited to 20 BTC per day. Therefore, if you wish to withdraw a large amount of money, please be sure to complete the KYC verification.

Bitget withdrawal fees

Withdrawal fees vary depending on the virtual currency coin. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is determined for each coin. It is also clearly stated on Bitget’s official website, so please refer to it. For bank withdrawals, bank fees will apply.

Withdrawal feeMinimum withdrawal amount

About Bitget withdrawal methods, procedures, and flow

Now, I will explain the actual withdrawal method and procedure from Bitget with images. First, log in and go to the home screen. Select withdrawal from the wallet mark.

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Withdrawals can be made in virtual currency or legal currency. Let’s choose from one of them.

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For virtual currency withdrawals

For virtual currency withdrawals, select the coin to withdraw and select the network, and the QR code and wallet address will be displayed. By pasting this address as the remittance address, the remittance process will proceed. This will open an area where you can enter the withdrawal amount, so enter the withdrawal amount and click “Withdraw”. A confirmation dialog will appear, and once the confirmation is complete, the withdrawal process will begin. The reflection time will take from several tens of minutes to several hours.

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For bank withdrawals

Although it is possible to withdraw money in fiat currencies, we also accept euros (EUR), pounds sterling (GBP), Brazilian reals (BRL), Turkish lira (TRY), rubles (RUB), and hryvnias (UAH). Please note that bank withdrawals are only available on bank business days, so it may take several days or more. Please note that we do not accept US dollars or Japanese yen.

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Reasons why withdrawals are not reflected and how to deal with them

If you are unable to withdraw money with Bitget, there may be the following reasons: Let’s take a look at them one by one. Also, please check to see if it is correct.

Minimum withdrawal amount not met

If the minimum withdrawal amount is not met, your withdrawal will be refused. Therefore, you will not be able to withdraw money unless the currency you hold exceeds the minimum withdrawal amount. The withdrawal amount includes withdrawal fees and network fees, so you can withdraw as long as you have the minimum withdrawal amount in your physical account.

Wrong remittance address/tag

In the case of virtual currency remittance, if the remittance address is incorrect, the remittance will fail. If the currency requires withdrawal destination information in addition to the address, such as XRP or EOS, please do not forget to enter the destination tag and memo. If you have entered it incorrectly, please contact the exchange.

Network congestion

Cryptocurrency remittances are affected by network transaction processing. If the network is busy, your withdrawal may not be reflected, so please wait at least a few hours. If the changes are not reflected, we recommend contacting the support center.

Withdrawing money on different networks

If the network selected when applying for a withdrawal does not match the network of the destination address, the withdrawal will be rejected. If you choose the wrong network and send money, you may lose your assets. If you have entered it incorrectly, please contact the exchange.

money not sent

Depending on the type of virtual currency, if you apply for a withdrawal correctly, the withdrawal will be reflected in about a few minutes to a few hours. However, in the case of bank remittance, payment is only possible on bank business days. This means it may take several days or more. Processing will stop on Saturdays and Sundays.

Opening a Bitget account is free

Opening a Bitget account is free. Traders have access to a large number of features. Support is also extensive and additional accounts can be opened. Bitget ranks high in the popularity rankings among overseas crypto asset exchanges.

Lots of bonuses and campaigns

Bitget offers a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and campaign benefits for crypto asset trading. In addition to being held frequently, there are many events such as Launchpad, so there are many opportunities to get rewards by participating. You can check the latest information on the news details on the company’s official website. There are also ways to earn money through friend invites and referral programs.

has its own token

Bitget has its own token, BGB. By owning BGB, you will be able to obtain airdrops in many events. Traders can gain many benefits by owning a large amount. The fees are low and there are many benefits. We also have a license from the Financial Services Agency, so we are regulated, reliable, and safe.

Many coins available

Bitget handles over 600 types of coins. In addition to major coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, ETH, and USDT, we also have a wide range of altcoins. All management is done in the wallet, and there is also two-factor authentication, so the security is quite solid and you can safely order products and buy and sell amounts. There is no risk of funds outflow.

Many trading methods

There are many ways to trade in the market, and services are provided in various categories such as spot trading, futures, automated trading (BOT), mining, and staking. Users can download the trading app and easily trade on the data. We recommend that the maximum leverage is 125x. Although the principal is not guaranteed, zero cuts are used, so there will be no negative impact. It is an exchange with a high trading volume every day.

Copy trading possible

Copy trading is possible, and by copying an expert professional trader, even beginners can win overall. If you research and copy traders with high yields, your returns will increase. At the same time, learn about price movements and increase your earning power on your own. As you get used to it, you will be able to make flexible trades on your own by making proactive moves.