[Bybit: Virtual Currency, NFT] Bybit VS KuCoin Features and Ranking Exchange Comparison Which is better?


Bybit is one of the top exchanges in the world. It is an exchange that has users all over the world and is expected to grow in the future. KuCoin, on the other hand, is also a fairly growing exchange. It is expected to grow significantly in the future, but which one is better?

What is Bybit?

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Dubai. There are many users and they are distributed all over the world. You can check the company profile etc. in the following article. You can also check the license acquisition status.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange located in the Seychelles and was selected by Forbes as the world’s best cryptocurrency exchange in 2022. This exchange was established in 2017, handles more than 700 types of coins with many types of virtual currencies, and has users all over the world. KuCoin is also active in global expansion and has services in more than 200 countries, and is an exchange that is expected to grow further in the future.

Region, country and distribution of registered users

Bybit has the most users in Japan. America will be next. Bybit is well known in East Asia and North America, and is used by many users. In addition, there are many users in South America.

Source : ByBit Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

Compared to that, KuCoin has an even distribution of users around the world. We have many users in the United States, but we also have many users in the Eurasian continent, Canada, Japan, Mexico and India.

Source KuCoin Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Ranking 2023

Bybit is ranked 8th and KuCoin is ranked 9th on coinranking.com.

Source : Crypto Exchanges Ranked by Trading Volume | Co

KuCoin was #4 and Bybit #5 on coinmarketcap.com.

Source : Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranked By Volume | CoinMarketCap

KuCoin is ranked 5th and Bybit is ranked 10th on cryptorank.io.

Source : Сryptocurrency exchanges ranked by 24 trade adjusted volume | CryptoRank.io

Bybit VS KuCoin

Cryptocurrencies 150~700~
Native TokenBITKCS
Maker Fee0.01%0.10%
Taker Fee0.06%0.10%
PromotionDeposit bonus $30,000 USDT500 USDT in bonuses
Mobile App
Live Chat Support×
Withdraw MerthodCrypto Crypto 
Deposit MethodBank Transfer
Debit/Credit card
Purchase crypto
Apple Pay
Wechat Pay
Demo Account
Minimum Deposit$0$0
Minimum Trade0.0010.0001
MetaTrader 4×
MetaTrader 5××
Margin Trading
P2P Trading
Spot Trading
Copy Trading
Auto Trading
VPS Hosting×
Social Trading×
Trade InstrumentsCryptos, FuturesFutures, Crypto, ETFs, Perpetual Swaps

Handling virtual currency

In terms of the number of virtual currencies handled, KuCoin is completely victorious. Over 700 coins are very rich, and it is clearly one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

trade tools

Bybit is easier to use in terms of trading tools. This is because it supports MT4. MT4 is a popular tool for traders around the world.

campaigns, bonuses

Bybit is clearly better in terms of promotions and bonuses. Bybit also conducts campaigns irregularly, so there are many events throughout the year.

Recommended by Bybit

Other than the above, there is not much difference between Bybit and KuCoin. If you want to take full advantage of promotions and bonuses, Bybit is definitely recommended. You can open a Bybit account from the following article. Please refer to the instructions on how to open an account.