[Gate.io: For Beginners] Reasons and Solutions for Deposits and Withdrawals Possibility of Withdrawal Refusal and Frequently Asked Questions


When actually depositing or withdrawing from Gate.io, there may be cases where you cannot deposit or withdraw. There are various patterns and cases for this, so I tried to summarize the solutions for each. In addition, I summarized the cases, including whether withdrawal refusal etc. have occurred so far.

Reasons and solutions for deposits and withdrawals

I have summarized the reasons why deposits and withdrawals cannot be made and the patterns of solutions, so it would be nice if you could refer to them.

Deposits and withdrawals on fraudulent sites

Gate.io will be a pretty famous cryptocurrency exchange. If you log in to a phishing site, you will not be able to make deposits or withdrawals. On the contrary, your login information will be stolen, so please change your password immediately. The site address of Gate.io is as follows. There is no problem if the address after www.gate.io is different, but it is dangerous if even one of the addresses below is different.

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Input error when applying

It is common to make an input error when applying for deposit. In the case of virtual currency remittance, if the address, tag, or transaction memo is entered incorrectly or forgotten, the remittance is 100% impossible. Also, if you make a mistake in choosing the chain name, the remittance will fail as well. It is especially important to note that some virtual currencies such as XRP require you to enter a symbol of alphanumeric characters called “transaction tag” or “transaction memo” in addition to the address to send money. The same goes for input errors in credit card numbers and input errors in bank transfers.

network congestion

There are cases where deposits and remittances are delayed due to busy transactions. This is network dependent, so you have no choice but to wait. Generally, remittances are completed within a few hours, but there are cases where they are still delayed.

Insufficient network usage fee

Gate.io basically does not charge a fee for withdrawals, but a network fee will be charged. Since a network fee is required when withdrawing, you must apply for a withdrawal amount that takes into consideration the network fee. Network fees are set for each virtual currency. If you do not reach this amount, you cannot withdraw.


withdrawal limit

Gate.io has different withdrawal limits set every 24 hours depending on the status of identity verification. The amount that can be withdrawn every 24 hours is subject to the following limits: If you plan to withdraw a large amount of virtual currency, you should apply for identity verification as soon as possible.

KYC0100,000USDT / 2BTC

Minimum withdrawal amount or less

Gate.io has a minimum withdrawal amount for each cryptocurrency. Similarly, there is a withdrawal limit, and if you apply for less than or more than that, you cannot withdraw. The minimum required withdrawal amount and withdrawal limit for each will be displayed on the actual withdrawal page, so you can check it at the time of withdrawal.

Source : Gate.io

account penalty

Deposits and withdrawals cannot be made if a penalty has been imposed on the account itself. This will freeze users who have repeatedly committed malicious acts or hacked users, so nothing can be done. Please do not commit any violations.

Change security settings

If you change the security settings, the withdrawal function will be suspended for 24 hours. This is a crime prevention measure. In this case, you need to wait at least one day before taking action, so be careful.

If not resolved

In the case above, if you can’t solve the problem at all in any of the patterns, the best way is to contact support and have them solve it. The support center is open 24/7, so please refer to the article below to contact us.

Are there withdrawal refusals?

Gate.io is one of the world’s most popular and famous cryptocurrency exchanges. There is no possibility of withdrawal rejections other than the above issues. At least I’ve never had a problem so far. Please note that withdrawals may be refused if you make a profit by trading that does not follow the rules.