[Gate.io: For beginners] Company profile, financial license, is it safe? Explanation


Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013, so it can be said that it is a relatively old company. Such Gate.io is one of the world’s leading exchanges with over 10 million registered users, but does it have a financial license? And are there any safety issues?

Company Profile

Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013.

Since this exchange was founded in China, many people may feel uneasy about it. However, the base has since been moved to the Cayman Islands, so you can use it with confidence. The information below is as of 2023. The fee for Maker/Taker is 0.15~0.2%, which is a bit high. However, high security measures protect your funds. It is a safe exchange for purchasing, managing, and holding tokens. There is also a VIP service, so there are many attractions.

Company NameGate Technology.inc
HeadquarterCayman Islands
Founding year2013
Number of UsersOver 10 million
Number of Cryptocurrencies1730
Loss Cut100%
Max Levarage100
Min Deposit0.0001BTC~
Trading FeeFree
Securitytwo-factor authentication
cold wallet
multi signal

Operating company

Gate.io is operated by Gate Technology Inc., but there is not much information about Gate Technology Inc. There is no doubt that there is a little uneasiness because it is a company that does not have much information. However, as will be described later, Gate.io is putting considerable effort into global expansion, and has advanced to the United States and other countries. We have obtained licenses to operate cryptocurrency exchanges in multiple states, and our global expansion has become quite strong.


Gate.io has a partnership agreement with Hadow, a Japanese blockchain developer. Hadow is a consulting company that uses blockchain technology to solve technical problems. In the future, it is expected that the two companies will join hands to further enhance both the technical and security aspects.

Can be traded with Bitcoin etc.

Gate.io allows you to trade the largest number of coins and types (BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, DOGE, etc.) in the world. Traders can now easily complete trades such as Bitcoin with a click on the app. There is also automatic trading, and there are even official bonuses and campaigns, so it is quite fulfilling among overseas exchanges. You can trade both on the web and on the mobile app.

Many trading styles

Gate.io also has a wide variety of trading styles. There is also margin trading, staking, p2p payments, spot trading, derivative trading, liquidity mining, airdrop rewards, and discount schemes. By holding designated tokens, you can participate in events for newly listed coins, and there are many exciting services. There is also a point system, which can be used within Gate.io.

Support level is high

Gate.io also has high quality support. You can also trade via browser or app. We have achieved a higher service level than binance and bybit. Deposits and withdrawals can also be made in legal currency. You can also get support if you are having trouble with trading. We also accept questions about how to buy, sell, and financial products. You can also receive advice on exchange rate fluctuations and the possibility of depreciation.

financial license

Gate.io has recently obtained a financial license. As I mentioned earlier, this is due to the fact that Gate.io itself is quite active in global expansion. Along with this, they are quite active in obtaining financial licenses. In 2022, we obtained a financial license in the United States, and in 2023, we also have an office in Hong Kong and obtained a Hong Kong financial license. A website has already been created for the US office.

Gate HK2023Hong Kong
Gate US2022Unites StatesGate US Homepage


Now let’s turn our attention to the safety of Gate.io. Let’s look at both the security aspect of Gate.io and the safety of the operating company.

Security measures

Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange that is fairly secure. Since it uses a cold wallet, it has the advantage of reducing the risk of hacking. In addition, two-factor authentication has been introduced, which makes it possible to firmly protect customer assets. In addition to that, it uses multi-signal and is very secure.


Multisig is an electronic signature required when trading virtual currencies. By using multiple electronic signatures, even if one is leaked, other electronic signatures can prevent unexpected theft of virtual currency.

cold wallet

Cold wallet is the opposite of hot wallet. A cold wallet is a wallet that is used in an environment that is not connected to the internet and has a low risk of hacking or virus infection. Gate.io uses a cold wallet, which means that the risk is kept very low.

Operating company safety

Gate is safe because it is registered in the Cayman Islands, but it was previously based in China, so it is assumed that there is some connection with China. China currently prohibits cryptocurrency trading. In the first place, China itself is not a democratic country, so users have no human rights and no degree of freedom. Gate.io, which is somewhat influenced by Chinese capital, may also be subject to regulatory risks, so we need to keep an eye on future news.

Chinese virtual currency

Chinese authorities have a history of tightening regulations on cryptocurrencies. In the 2010s, the cryptocurrency market was relatively tolerant, but there have been noticeable moves to intervene since the 2020s. Chinese authorities prohibit financial institutions and member financial institutions from opening virtual currency-related accounts, registering, trading, clearing, settlement, insurance, and all other services and operations.

America and Canada

Gate.io also regulates its large customers in the United States and Canada. However, a separate company has already been established in the United States, and the number of registered users is expected to increase in the future. In addition, Japan also had trading restrictions, and it was only spot trading without leverage. However, this has now been lifted, and even Japanese people are now able to trade with leverage.