[Gate.io: For beginners] What is a demo account? testnet futures trading, how to add


Gate.io does not mean that you can only trade with a real account. There is also a demo account. As the name suggests, the demo account trades with fictitious money, so it is a highly recommended account type for beginners in trading. If you open an account, you can participate in trading, so if you are a beginner, let’s try it.

What is Gate.io? About main functions and features

Gate.io is a globally well-known virtual currency exchange. Users can trade while receiving numerous bonuses and campaigns. The commission is about 0.15~0.2% for Maker/Taker, so it is not that expensive. Setting up funds transfer within the wallet is easy, and there are a wide variety of payment methods available, including legal currency (USD, EUR, GBP), credit card, virtual currency (Bitcoin), and P2P. It is possible to create multiple sub-accounts and adopt various trading strategies.

Full of security measures

It has the latest security measures and regulations, so you can trade very safely. You can set up two-factor authentication, so you can make transactions and checks with great peace of mind. It is used by professional individual investors all over the world. If the margin becomes negative, a zero cut will be applied.

Many trading methods

There are various trading methods such as futures trading, spot trading, ETFs, margin trading, and staking. You can use API functions, and you can also download earnings and historical status from the official page. You can trade from either your device’s mobile app or your PC’s web browser. It has its own platform and buying and selling transactions are easy. Separate margin and cross margin orders are also supported.

Many coins are handled

Gate.io has a wide variety of altcoins such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and EOS, and you can trade the largest number of types in the industry. It boasts the same level of satisfaction as bitget, okx, kucoin, and binance. There is also official page support for twitter, telegram and instagram.

What is a demo account?

A demo account is a trading account that uses fictitious money provided by a broker instead of your own funds. In other words, even if you lose or make a profit, you won’t gain or lose. Since there is no need to prepare your own funds, there is no risk, so it is a practice account type. Demo trading is highly recommended for beginners because you can experience trading in the same environment as real trading.

Open an account for free

Demo accounts are basically free. You can practice trading for free, so you can feel free to practice.


Trading on a demo account will neither lose nor gain money. This account type is highly recommended for beginners who are not yet familiar with trading itself.

Difference between demo account and real account

A demo account is very different from a real account.

real money

For real accounts you use your real money, but for demo accounts you use fictitious money. This will make a huge difference in human psychology. Therefore, many people think that they cannot practice at all unless they trade with a real account.

Can’t feel the market psychology

Real trade uses your own funds to trade, so you can see price movements due to investor psychology, but you can’t experience it with demo account trade. Demo accounts tend to be more mechanical than real trades.

Market impact

In real trading, the contents of trades other than yourself affect the exchange rate. On the other hand, demo trading does not affect the actual exchange rate even if the trading volume is large. In other words, no matter how much you win in a demo trade, the price movement is often different from the actual trade.

It’s not always possible to win in a real game

Since demo accounts involve the above factors, no matter how much you win, there is no guarantee that you can win with a real account. Therefore, the reality is that it is never good to trade with a demo account all the time.

How to join a demo account

In order to participate in the demo account, you must first open a free account. Please refer to the article below for information on how to open an account.

After opening an account, there is a testnet server dedicated to demo accounts, so please contact the support center. If you ask a question, they will tell you the URL of the testnet server, so it would be a good idea to contact them. Our support center is available 24/7.