[Bybit: Virtual currency, NFT] I can’t receive emails Solution


Since Bybit has a system such as email authentication, if you can not receive emails even if you register, there will be quite a lot of troubles in various basic operations. I wrote an article about why I can’t receive emails in the first place.

How to change and confirm your email address

You can check how to change and confirm your email address in the following article. Please follow the steps. If you do not know your e-mail address in the first place, problems will occur in processing such as authentication, so it will be troublesome.

Why can’t I receive emails?

There are several possible reasons for not receiving emails. Please check the following possible causes.

different email address

If the email address is different, you may not be able to log in in the first place. Even if the registered email address is different, Bybit allows you to register with your mobile phone number. Therefore, some people are unaware of it. You may have mistakenly thought that you registered with your email address, but you actually registered with your mobile phone number. You may not have registered your email address.

Junk/spam settings

There is a possibility that spam or junk mail is set for the registered e-mail address, and it may have been sorted into that special folder. Please check your mailer settings so that you can receive emails normally. First, check your spam folder and see if you have received an email from Bybit.

Rejection settings

Please carefully check the reception rejection setting in your mailer settings. If you refuse to receive the email, you will never receive the email in the first place. It is necessary to check whether you have rejected the Bybit domain or the specified email address.

Typing error

This is an error that occurs during both registration and login. Due to input errors, there is a problem that the mail does not arrive in the first place. You need an email address or phone number + password for registration and login, so if you lack any of them, you can’t even register in the first place. It is a good idea to review the information once.

Lost two-factor authentication

This is not directly related to email, but it is the most troublesome. When you change the model of your smartphone, it seems that you can take over the information of this app, but if you can’t take over, you need to support it. If it goes well, you may be able to cancel the two-factor authentication from the management side.