Is Engine Coin (ENJ) obsolete? A thorough explanation of the characteristics, future potential, and future price outlook of virtual currencies


Is Engine Coin (ENJ) obsolete? We will explain the characteristics and future prospects of virtual currency. Compared to other coins, Enjin Coin tends to have slightly higher volatility, and it also tends to fluctuate a little more. Will this coin end? is summarized as an article.

What is Engine Coin (ENJ)? Features and mechanism

Enjin Coin (symbol: ENJ) was developed by Enjin Pte. Ltd., a blockchain ecosystem developer based in Singapore. In 2017, we conducted an ICO and raised $18.9 million, and this project was started using this money. The operator, Enjin, was founded in 2009 and is a development team comprised of members from over 20 countries. The coin was created by this team.

Enjin Coin content refers to the virtual currency used by this development team’s “Enjin Platform.” Since it entered the market in the 2020s and the price has increased, it has attracted attention in Japan from around 2021. Some people took this opportunity to start. The official website also has information, so please refer to the table below. Even with the smartphone app, players can aim for the highest returns through gaming throughout the year. We will introduce the features based on the information provided.

Brith Date2017
DeveloperEnjin Pte. Ltd.
Market capitalization$386.17M USD (2024)

Enjin Platform

Enjin Platform is a platform created by the above development team. It is used as a gaming platform and has approximately 20 million users worldwide. Basic Engine Coins will be awarded when you obtain, buy and sell items in the game, or receive rewards. Therefore, Engine Coins can of course be exchanged for cash, so it is a must-see. Enjin Platform provides users with RPG, FPS, and card games. We have strengths in game development.

Earn tokens in-game

As mentioned above, tokens can be earned in-game. It can be said to be a very valuable token in the game. Therefore, you can rest assured that there is no need for poor investment. You can make a profit by selling when the value increases. If you acquire knowledge, prepare, and play the game, you can earn money by playing the game. Due to this background, it can be purchased at many exchanges, including Coincheck. Many people send money from Metaverse.

Coins contributing to NFT

Enjin Platform also allows you to create NFTs. NFTs can now be sold on the NFT Marketplace. Also, by utilizing blockchain technology, ownership and transaction history can be recorded. It can also be used as a tool that allows anyone to easily create and issue NFTs. Recently, there has been a demand for it because you can create and use it online for various purposes, and it has attracted attention and become popular all over the world, creating a huge boom.

working with companies

Enjin Coin is very reliable because it has partnerships with multiple companies such as Minecraft. We currently have many partnerships with game companies and are supported by them. As development progresses further, further investment is expected. Since it is a game, it has a lot of exposure, so it is easy to be recognized and there are people who are interested in it in the market.

Future outlook and prospects

So what kind of future is expected for Enjin Coin? Some investors are predicting that this currency will plummet in the future, but what is the reality? Consider purchasing if there is a new investment opportunity. It has a proven track record in the market and is one of the leading altcoins, along with Polkadot, Litecoin, and Monacoin.

Current chart fluctuations

The current market price is shown on a monthly chart. In the past, until 2018, it was generally sluggish and there was not much movement, but the current price from 2024 onwards has been around 45 yen. From 2021 to 2022, the price rose sharply and reached its highest level, but since then it has fallen again and settled around the current price. However, prices are stable and may rise again in the future. It will be influenced by new development releases and announcements.

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Usage is limited

In terms of the future potential of Engine Coin, there is a disadvantage that its usage is limited. This is because this coin is limited to being able to interact with virtual currency while enjoying games and creating NFTs, and is completely specialized for online games, so it is difficult to gather support from a wide range of fields. there is. Additionally, Enjin Coin can only be used in the blockchain gaming industry at this point, so this is also a limitation.

Will there be more partnerships with companies?

Whether or not this coin will rise in price again in the future will depend on whether there will be more partnerships with major companies. Microsoft and Samsung, which partnered in 2019, are the main players, but if investment from other major companies expands and increases, the number of outside companies and individuals investing in this attractive coin will increase. . As the number of spot transactions for products increases, price movements should also change.

Go to categories other than games

Currently, the Enjin Coin development team is developing a real estate system. After 2025, if it becomes possible to actually divert the system to other fields or replace it, Enjin Coin may gain more attention than it currently does, and investment is expected from more fields. It is being done. It may become a new trend in the future not only in digital game play but also in other areas. It is a popular token whose trends are attracting attention.

Recommended virtual currency exchanges where you can purchase ENJ

Finally, I will introduce virtual currency exchanges where you can actually purchase this virtual currency. We have compiled the information for your reference. We have selected recommended exchanges that cover Bitcoin, altcoins (Ethereum (ETH), Tether, etc. (USDT), Ripple (XRP)), and where you can invest in a large number of coins. It is an exchange where you can trade using an app or a computer. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is no risk and you can make a large profit by making payments. It is safe because a loss cut is adopted when the amount of loss exceeds a certain amount.


Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore. However, it later moved its base to Dubai and is a virtual currency exchange that is expanding globally. The leverage is quite high at 100 times, and the number of coins handled is over 300, so it is quite fulfilling. Overall, there are plenty of big campaigns and bonus services, which is a plus.


MEXC Global

MEXC Global is a virtual currency exchange established in Singapore, Asia. The main users are Japanese, but it is spread all over the world and millions of users transact every day. It handles over 1500 virtual currencies, and you can also speculate on unknown coins, so it is recommended. The maximum leverage is 200x. News also provides information on coins that are attracting attention.

ExchangeMEXC Global
URLHome is a virtual currency exchange established in China and may have a suspicious image, but it is currently based in the Cayman Islands and is very safe. It handles the largest number of coins in the world, with over 1,700 issues, making it the most recommended exchange for those who want to speculate. We also communicate through the media when new listed coins are released.
LocationCayman Island


KuCoin is a virtual currency exchange established in Hong Kong, but has now moved to the Seychelles Islands. We have successfully expanded globally as a virtual currency exchange that is traded by 8 million people around the world. You can invest in over 700 virtual currencies. The operation is thorough in verifying the identity of the user, and funds can be deposited at a financial institution and international remittances can be made to the wallet.



BitGet is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore. Currently, there are millions of users around the world, and it is popular because it has very solid security. The latest copy trading has been introduced in the industry, and it is very famous and has a large number of registered and participating users. The amount of money will increase because you imitate the buying and selling details of experienced traders, both short-term and long-term. You can increase it starting from a small amount.


Points to note when trading virtual currency

One thing to keep in mind when trading virtual currencies is that taxes are payable when profits are determined, not losses. Please be aware that if you make a similar profit on overseas virtual currency exchanges, you will be required to file a tax return in the future. Downloading transaction history is also popular and quite convenient, and the technology and functions have progressed considerably. If you are buying in cash, be sure to check as there is a possibility that the prices of the stocks you are holding have soared without you knowing. Please also check the terms of use online.