[Bybit: Virtual currency, NFT] What is Everdome? Features and Listing Explanation of how to purchase DOME


Do you know the virtual currency called Everdome? It is a cryptocurrency that has just appeared recently and was also listed on Bybit. It will be listed on Bybit in 2022 and is also listed on other major exchanges, OKX. I am writing an article about what kind of currency Everdome is in the first place.

What is Everdome?

Everdome is a metaverse project set on Mars and a metaverse platform set in outer space. It is drawing attention because it is drawn with a very realistic texture using a 3D game engine called Unreal Engine. It is already listed not only on Bybit, but also on Gate.io and OKX, so it is ready to be traded. A unique marketplace will open within the Everdome metaverse sometime in 2023.

Market capitalization ranking2677
URLHome Page
FounderRobert Gryn
virtual currency exchangeBybit,Gate.io,OKX

Features of Everdome

The features of Everdome are as follows. In the future, there is a possibility that it will grow into major altcoins such as USDT, BTC, and Ethereum. It is currently attracting attention in the media, but it is still difficult to order and purchase it on medium-sized exchanges such as BitFlyer. The number of users exchanging information on X (twitter) and other sites is increasing, so what will happen in the end? It is attracting attention.

real world

It’s drawn with pretty nice graphics, and the concept is to emigrate to Mars, so it’s highly recommended for people who like astronomy. The reason why we are able to reproduce the realistic Metaverse world that is close to the real world is that the items used in the Metaverse are photographed with a 3D scanner.

Development team

CEO Robert Gryn is a former CEO of a large European company, and he has also gathered crypto assets and blockchain members to launch this project. Therefore, the development team is made up of members who are very good at crypto assets. The development members are published on the official website.


All things in the Metaverse are NFTs and can be bought and sold on the marketplace. As a feature of Everdome, it is possible to earn income from the sale and rental of land and buildings. You can also post a notice in a building you own.

Partnerships with well-known companies

As a feature of Everdome, we have partnered with well-known companies. Everdome has partnered with “Wolf Group”, which has partnered with world-famous companies. Wolf Group is a famous company that has contracted with Walt Disney, Ferrari, etc.

A clear roadmap

Everdome has published a roadmap. If development proceeds according to the roadmap, there is no doubt that the price of the virtual currency DOME will rise. If there is a delay, the price may drop.

The future of DOME

We will talk about DOME’s future prospects and future prices.

price is stable

The price of DOME has been stable to some extent. This is a chart as of October 2023, and it is stable at a fairly high price range in 2023, so it can be said that it is at a level that can be considered as an investment target.

Source : CoinMarketcap

Much unpublished information

DOME was also just listed in February 2022, so there are many projects that are still under development, and there is a lot of unreleased information. Development just started in the fourth quarter of 2021 and is still in the early stages. It is likely that prices will continue to increase and rise. If development progresses smoothly, there is a high possibility that the price of Everdome will rise.

Utilization in business

Everdome is being developed with an eye toward use in the business and entertainment industries. If used in the Everdome business, the price could rise even further. Everdome’s 3D scanned realistic avatars have the advantage of being able to be used in a variety of situations.

Invited to Davos

Davos is a conference where around 2,500 politicians and business leaders from around 100 countries gather to discuss global issues, and DOME is also invited to the conference. It will become more well-known and become one of the leading investment destinations, potentially attracting an influx of funds.

How to trade Everdome

First, you need to open a Bybit account. Please refer to the article below.

 After logging in, please click “Spot” → “Spot trading” in the upper menu.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

Enter “DOME” in the search window on the screen and try it. Then you can see that there are many DOME currency pairs. You can trade by clicking on any currency pair.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

Trading can be done by pressing the buy or sell button on the right side of the screen.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/