[Bybit: Cryptocurrency, NFT] What is GALA? Features and future


Do you know the virtual currency called GALA? GALA is a new currency that has appeared in recent years and can be traded on Bybit. This highly anticipated currency has received a lot of attention and is expected to continue to rise in value in the future.

What is GALA?

GALA is the virtual currency distributed within Gala games. In 2022, the market capitalization is 260.4 billion yen, and it has a fairly high value. GALA operates on the Ethereum blockchain standard “ERC-20” and on the Binance smart chain BSC.

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Features of GALA

GALA has the following features.

Gala Games Token

GALA is a token issued in the NFT game called Gala Games. In the NFT game platform “Gala Games”, GALA is an asset instead of a fictitious item.


In the NFT game platform “Gala Games”, you can now play about 5 games other than Town Star. This game has a system that allows you to earn currency, so you can convert it to GALA and monetize it.

decentralized economic system

GALA will be a decentralized economic system called the Gala Node Ecosystem. Gala Node Ecosystem refers to a place of asset holding and management. Since everything is decentralized, there is no need to worry about unauthorized rewriting by a third party. Simply put, it’s safe in terms of security.

The future of GALA

There is a background that the asset value is increasing because GALA has a future.

new game release

GALA is currently launching the game on the blockchain only for the simulation game TOWN STAR, but it is said that it will be able to be used for more than 10 games in the future. Interest in NFT games is growing globally, so GALA’s user base is likely to surge. And the value of the coin can also increase.

Increase in Gala Games users

The number of users of Gala Games is gradually increasing. Gala Games has a “Play to Earn” where you can earn while playing games, so very motivated gamers are participating. It is said that the value of the coin increases as the number of users increases.

How to purchase GALA

GALA can be purchased on Bybit. Please open an account first.

After opening an account, go to the homepage. Enter “GALA” from the home search screen.

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It will be a trade screen. You can order from here.

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