[Gate.io: For Beginners] What is grass coin? New Listed Coin Information


Gate.io will become one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. And it is also very famous as an exchange that handles grass coins among the world’s major virtual currency exchanges. Along with MEXC, Gate.io handles the largest number of coins in the world. Gate.io is the most recommended exchange if you want to invest in rare coins.

Handling coin number ranking

Gate.io is an exchange that handles a large number of unnamed coins, and you can see that it is the number one in the world in terms of the number of coins. MEXC is also pretty amazing, but Gate.io is even better. Gate.io has a large number of grass coins, so if you want to invest in rare coins, it is recommended.


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What is grass coin?

Grass coins are relatively unknown currencies with low trading volume and market capitalization. To put it simply, an unnamed coin is a grass coin. The stock of grass coin belongs to altcoin. Altcoins are virtual currencies other than Bitcoin. Grass coins have the following features.

low profile

Grass coins refer to minor coins that have just appeared. Of course, it is a coin that no one knows about, so there are many cases where it is not even known that it is in circulation.

low market capitalization

Grass coins are minor coins that have just appeared, so naturally their value is extremely low. Since the price is actually low, it is possible to obtain a large profit when the price rises by holding a large amount. But it is also vice versa. It can crash and become worthless.

Big profit and crash risk

As explained above, the value of grass coins is low, so there is a possibility of a crash or a sudden rise, so the risk is high and the return is also high. It can be rather speculative.

high volatility

Grass coins are not stable. Since it is not a major coin like Bitcoin, there is a risk of sudden volatility. Therefore, you may lose a lot by investing a large amount, so be careful.

How to check newly listed coins

Gate.io has the largest number of coins in the world. Therefore, new listed coins are always appearing. Newly listed coins can always be checked. First, let’s register. I also introduce it in the article below, so I hope you can refer to it.

After logging in, select Price.

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You can check the current coin value and more. Click the New tab to display a list of coins that will be newly handled. Gate.io is the exchange with the most new coins in the world, so be sure to check it from time to time.

Source : Gate.io