[Bybit: Virtual currency, NFT] How to install, restore and unlock Google Authenticator


Bybit uses Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication refers to the second authentication used for identity verification and approval of service execution, separate from the authentication of ID and password at the time of login. Doing this is a security measure.

Types of two-factor authentication

Two-step verification has the following patterns, and any of them can be used as two-step verification with Bybit. The timing for using this authentication should be set when opening an account, such as the following. Be sure to do this as it is a security measure.

Google authentication

You can authenticate by randomly generating a 6-digit authentication code with the authentication method using the Google authentication system and typing the password. This authentication method will use Google Authenticator.

Email verification

For email authentication, an authentication code will be sent to the registered email. By entering this authentication code when logging in, you can successfully log in.

mobile phone sms authentication

Mobile phone SMS verification will send a verification code to your mobile phone via SMS message. By entering this authentication code when logging in, you can successfully log in.

Install Google Authenticator

You can download Google Authenticator from Google Play or Apple store. You can download it from the link below.

Google Play

Apple Store

How to restore Google Authenticator

If your phone is broken, your data is lost, or something is wrong, you will not be able to see this verification code. In such a case, we recommend that you try to restore using the following methods.

press recovery key

As a means, if you press the recovery key, you may be able to restore. If you made a note of the recovery key code displayed under the QR code when authenticating with Google, it will be linked to your Bybit account again. If you didn’t save the recovery keycode, you can’t restore it yourself, so please send an email to Bybit. The contact information for the support center is as follows.

What to do if you want to cancel two-factor authentication

If you have installed Google Authenticator but have changed models or changed mobile phones, you will need to take over or unlink Google Authenticator from Bybit.

If you want to cancel the two-step verification of Google authentication, log in to Bybit, click the avatar mark, and click “Account & Security” from the expanded right menu. After that, scroll the screen and click “Disable” in the Google authentication column of the two-factor authentication item.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

Enter your account password and the 6-digit verification code from Google Authenticator. After completing the input, select “Confirm”. This completes unlocking.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

When the unlocking process is successfully completed, the “Unlocking completed message” will be displayed. This completes unlocking. Let’s connect again with the new model.


Trouble with Google Authenticator often happens. Please try to deal with each of the following cases.

Can’t use two-factor authentication

If two-factor authentication does not work, please contact support. Some kind of malfunction may have occurred.

After two-factor authentication, it says the verification code does not match

In this case, first check if the authorization code is correct. If the input is correct, you may have entered an expired authorization code. If it still doesn’t work, please contact support.

Lost or damaged smartphone

There is nothing the user can do in this case. Please contact the support center and ask them to cancel the authorization first. After that, it will be re-linked again.