[Bybit: Virtual currency, NFT] What is Grabpic? Features and how to buy


On January 20th, 2022, Bybit opened the NFT Marketplace. You can participate in the NFT Marketplace if you have a Bybit account. Bybit has been participating in NFT for a long time, but recently launched a market under the brand name GrabPic.

Account opening required

First of all, it should be said that in order to start Grabpic, you must first complete a Bybit account. Please refer to the article below to open an account.

What is Grabpic?

Grabpic is a marketplace operated by Bybit, the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange. This market is new, just launched in 2022, and is yet to be recognized. It has the following features.

transaction fee

Grabpic basically has zero fees when buying and selling. There are many other NFT marketplaces, but Bybit is a very paid service. You often end up paying fees that aren’t cheap on other sites.

means of buying and selling

Trading is done in USDT for both buying and reselling. USDT does not need to be in your wallet and can be paid directly from your Bybit physical account. USDT is widely used as a stable cryptocurrency, as it is less prone to sudden price surges and crashes.

Selling price is 0.01USDT

NFT projects sold on GrabPic can be purchased from 0.01USDT. In fact, Bybit has a super low price, so it is highly recommended for beginners. In other marketplaces, even the lowest price is often over $10.

First come first served without WL

It is common for famous NFT projects to sell to whitelisted users at a preferential price before general sale. GrabPic does not have a whitelist system, so it can be purchased fairly in order of clicks after release. In other words, it will be said that the first come first served. Whitelisting means that other people have priority, but the market is fair.

How to get started with GrabPic

I will explain how to start GrabPic. Please refer to the following articles for information on how to purchase and deposit.

Grabpic’s site is below. You can browse various products here.

Home Page

If you want something, click on the project you want to buy. You can purchase an item by clicking “Buy” for the item you want to purchase.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/ja-JP/nft/

Confirm the contents and click “Pay Now”. In addition, you can not purchase unless you have USDT for the price in your Bybit account.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/ja-JP/nft/

Sell NFTs

Of course, being able to buy NFTs means that you can also sell them. Click the GrabPic avatar image to expand the menu screen, so click “Item”.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/ja-JP/nft/

You can resell or sell by clicking on the item you want to sell and selecting “List”. Set the listing price and listing end time, and click “Sell” to complete.