[Bybit: Virtual currency, NFT] How to contact the support center Email, phone, live chat


While performing various operations such as trading with Bybit, and even depositing and withdrawing money from your account, there will always be times when you get stuck or cannot operate well. In such a case, let’s make good use of the support center. The staff should be able to answer your questions.

Available inquiry methods

Support centers typically include email, live chat, and phone. Let’s take a look at the compatibility of each.

Respond Time
Email24 Hour
Live Chat24 Hour


You can contact us by email. You can contact us. Emails are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can contact us anytime.

live chat

You can also contact us via live chat. Bybit has customer center staff who can speak other languages, so it is possible to respond to various languages. You can get a faster response than contacting us via email or contact form. So if you’re more urgent than email, live chat is the way to go. This is also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, availability in your native language depends on the time of day. Also, in the case of chat, it is not always possible to get an immediate response. Please note that waiting time may occur depending on the time of day.


Not compatible with phone calls. To begin with, Bybit does not publish phone numbers. Also, it is not limited to Bybit, but most virtual currency exchanges often do not accept phone calls. Also, if you make an inquiry by phone, you may not be able to verify your identity, and there are cases where it takes time to verify your identity due to language problems, so it is a risk.


The basic contact methods are the ones listed above, but Bybit is also quite active in SNS activities. Among them, Bybit has a Twitter account. Bybit is always advertising on Twitter, but you can get a reply by replying on Twitter.



Bybit is also active on Instagram, although the frequency of activity is much lower than Twitter. You can also contact us through Instagram, but it is less active than Twitter, so you may not receive a response.


Inquiry procedure

Now, I will explain how to make an inquiry on Bybit’s official page.


In the case of email, there is a way to send a request. There is a support column at the bottom of the official page, and there is “Send Request” in it, so click it.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

Basically, questions will be automatically answered as you operate, but if you really want to inquire, press the “Yes” button to send the request.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

A contact form will open. Please fill out the form as necessary. Entering the registered email address is required. Please press Submit when you are done.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

If you do not have an account, you can contact us by email below.


for live chat

For live chat it’s very simple. Start by pressing the mark at the bottom right of the home screen.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

When you start it, the staff will answer in real time by describing the question. However, depending on the time of day, staff who cannot speak your language will be available. In that case, we will use translation software to handle it, so please be careful.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/