[Bybit: Virtual currency, NFT] Reviews, reputation, and experiences of Japanese users


Bybit is a virtual currency exchange supported by many users around the world, but the majority of users are actually Japanese. It is a virtual currency exchange that anyone in Japan can use, but I tried collecting word of mouth and reputation to see if I can really trade with peace of mind.

Bybit company profile

Bybit is an overseas cryptocurrency exchange based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Please refer to the following article for details of the company and license acquisition status.

Reviews from overseas users

Reviews from overseas users are summarized in the following articles. Overall, Bybit is a highly recommended exchange because there are many highly rated users.

Global distribution of Bybit users by country

Bybit users are said to be all over the world, but where are they located in the first place? Japan has the most in the world. The next most popular countries are the United States, Germany, South Korea, and Australia. In addition, it can be said that there are users from India, Canada, and South America. Bybit, which is deployed all over the world, has successfully acquired users from all over the world.

Source : Tradersunion

word of mouth and reputation

I tried to collect both good and bad reviews centered on Twitter reviews, so please refer to them.

user friendly

Bybit is highly rated for its ease of use. Most people from beginners to advanced users evaluate it as an exchange that is easy to trade.

User interface

Some users have rated the user interface as very good. A good UI naturally means that it is easy to use.

high quality support

Bybit’s support center also supports Japanese. Japanese people can only speak Japanese, so it can be said that it is very fulfilling.

Legal currency not supported

Bybit does not support legal tender. Therefore, some people find it troublesome because deposits and withdrawals are handled in the same way after exchanging from fiat currency to virtual currency on other exchanges.

low fees

Bybit withdrawal fees tend to be cheaper than other exchanges, and the reality is that many people choose Bybit because of this.

high leverage

Bybit has 100x leverage, so many users are very satisfied. In addition, there are many brands that we handle, so we can recommend it.

No margin call

Bybit has no leverage limit and zero cut is adopted, so it is very popular. There is no risk of users incurring debt.