KuCoin: What is KuCoin’s unique token KCS? Features of virtual currency, market capitalization price, how to buy, future explanation


KuCoin has its own trading currency token, KCS. This will be KuCoin’s original token and will be required when receiving campaigns and bonuses. I would like to explain everything about this KCS token, such as how much value it has and whether it has future potential.

KuCoin basic information, company information

KuCoin is a virtual currency exchange established in Hong Kong in 2017. When you think of China, you can’t get rid of the suspicious impression, but we are currently moving our base to Seychelles, East Africa. Therefore, it can be said to be a very safe exchange. The number of currencies handled is over 600, and the maximum leverage is 100x, so the scale of the operating company is large. Because we are expanding globally, we are a top-class exchange and support languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish, and French. The base currency is BTC (Bitcoin).

Operating companyKuCoin
number of virtual currencies600~
transaction feesMaker fee: 0.1%
Taker fee: 0.1%
Deposit and withdrawal fees: Free
maximum leverage100
Minimum transaction amount1$〜
Deposit and withdrawal methodsBank cards and accounts, cryptocurrency and electronic wallets
Tiếng Việt
Bahasa Melayu
Bahasa Indonesia

have a financial license

KuCoin was fined by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, FSA, for operating without a license. Since then, KuCoin has firmly obtained the FSA license and is therefore regulated. Therefore, it can be said that it is very safe and reliable. Trader client assets are now fully protected, of course. KuCoin has established an audit department and is focusing on security.

Huge amount of hacking in the past

KuCoin was hacked in 2020, resulting in an incident in which 200 million dollars of funds were illegally leaked. Although we were hacked, we have responded quickly and strengthened our security system, making it extremely safe to use. Two-factor authentication is always required for registered users. Funds are securely managed on the wallet page.

The number of users is large worldwide

The following is a quote from TradersUnion, a review site for major overseas virtual currency exchanges. Users are mainly from the United States and India, but there are also many from Japan and Canada. In addition, there are many users in Mexico and Venezuela in Central and South America.

Source : TradersUnion

What is KCS? Characteristics and strengths of unique tokens

KCS is a decentralized original virtual currency project developed by KuCoin. The official name of the cryptocurrency currency is KuCoin Shares, which is often referred to as KCS. Officially, by owning KCS, you will be able to participate in KuCoin bonuses and campaigns and receive benefits. Features include: KuCoin is a famous exchange that ranks high in the world’s popular exchange rankings. You can also trade on the app and there is also a community.

Price (as of December 2023)$12.76
Market capitalization (as of December 2023)$1,233,768,274
Main exchanges where you can purchaseKuCoin
Official sitekucoin
Source : Coinmarketcap

There are benefits just by owning it.

Just by owning KCS tokens, you can receive a discount on brokerage fees, and you can also receive dividend distribution calculated from the amount you own. Not only that, you will also be able to participate in investments such as staking. Therefore, it can be said that holding KCS is essential for KuCoin users, even beginners. The services provided under the Terms of Use are quite extensive.

KuCoin’s own currency

KCS is KuCoin’s own token. KuCoin has extremely low overall transaction fees and handles over 600 types of currencies. It has famous altcoin stocks such as BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, ADA, DOGE, etc., has over 8 million users, and has successfully expanded its business globally, so it is easy to aim for profits as a mechanism. is.

High security level

KuCoin was previously reported in the news, but a hacking incident occurred. Perhaps reflecting on this, the security settings have become quite strict. The reliability of the exchange will increase through the introduction of APIs, platforms, the establishment of an internal audit department, transaction password settings, Google two-factor authentication, etc., and at the same time, the reputation of KCS will increase.

What will the future hold for KCS? Is there a future?

The future looks bright for KCS. The latest price movement chart data on the web shows a slight downward trend overall, but if you look at the big picture, the price is constant and stable, and there is a possibility that it will rise. Coins are burned at a pace of four times a year, so the distribution to the market, the supply amount, and the details of the number of issues are kept constant and adjusted. Currencies that burn regularly are recommended because they are stable currencies and are easy to invest in, with less risk of sudden price drops.

Source : Coinmarketcap

How should I buy KCS?

In order to purchase KCS, you must first open a KuCoin account. We will introduce it in the article below, so let’s open an account.

Purchase KCS. If you don’t have money, please make a deposit first. KCS can be purchased through spot trading. To operate, select spot trading from the trades on the top screen.

Source kucoin

Select the currency and select Buy to complete the purchase.

Source kucoin