[Bybit: Cryptocurrency, NFT] What is liquidity mining? Earn? can’t you earn?


Bybit provides an asset management service called liquidity mining. By using this, you can get a set yield just by depositing your assets. Of course, there is no 100% investment, so please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will make a profit.

Overview of liquidity mining

Liquidity mining is one of the services provided by Bybit asset management. Users have the potential to make profits just by depositing their assets. No difficult trading techniques are required. However, as explained above, it does not promise to be 100% profitable.

automatic operation

Since liquidity mining is automated, difficult techniques and knowledge are no longer required. Profitability can be secured by automatic operation. In liquidity mining, you can earn an annual interest rate of 5 to 20% or more just by depositing the specified currency.

Bankliquidity mining
annual yield0.001%〜0.11%0.9%〜38.1%
Account opening conditionsYesNo
Impermanent LossNoYes
flexibility of timeduring business hoursanytime

Impermanent Loss

Impermanent loss refers to a change in the power relationship between the two assets included in the position, resulting in rebalancing and eventual loss. These risks do not guarantee that you will win.


It is possible to apply leverage in liquidity mining. Liquidity mining allows up to 3x leverage. However, this leverage also comes with risks. If the price drops sharply, you will lose.

1 type of token

Bybit’s liquidity mining is designed so that if you deposit one type of token, it will automatically convert half to the other currency. Therefore it is very comfortable.

liquidation risk

With leverage, there is risk. When you use leverage, you are spending more money than you own. There is a risk of liquidation due to currency depreciation. If liquidation occurs, you will lose all your own funds.

Compatible with 9 types

Liquidity mining currently supports the following nine types.


No need to look at charts

The good thing about liquidity mining is that there is no need to watch charts all day like discretionary traders do. It will operate automatically, so you can leave it alone. Therefore, it is not an investment method that requires trading techniques, so you can deposit your money with great peace of mind.

Cancellation is possible at any time

The good thing about liquidity mining is that you need to deposit money, but it has the advantage that you can release it at any time. There is no lock period, and unlike staking, there is a high degree of freedom, so users can unlock it at any time at their discretion.

You can deposit even small amounts.

With liquidity mining, you can start with a minimum investment of around $100 for all stocks. Therefore, you can start with an extremely small amount, so there is almost no risk. Anyone can easily start asset management.


In order to participate in liquidity mining, you must be at identity verification level 1 or higher. Anyone with identity verification level 1 will be able to participate.

How to start liquidity mining

In order to start liquidity mining, you must first open an account. Details are explained below, so please complete the account opening first.

After that, please log in first. Select “Finance” → “Asset Management” → “Liquidity Mining”.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

Please select liquidity mining from the asset management item in the upper menu. Press the Add button for the item you want to provide liquidity.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

Enter the fund information to be used for liquidity provision and you are done. Hit the add button and you’re done. Your earnings will be credited automatically.

Pool selection: Select currency pair

Currencies Under Pool: Select Pairs or Single Currencies

Quantity: Adjusted to be a 1:1 price ratio

Leverage: Set when applying leverage

How to end liquidity mining

The way to terminate liquidity mining is simple. You can cancel by accessing the liquidity mining page, selecting the “Liquidity” tab, and clicking [Delete]. The screen will change and you can cancel by clicking [Delete liquidity]. Liquidity mining is finished and you can receive your virtual currency.