[Bybit: moneda virtual, NFT] ¿Es posible tener varias cuentas? Explicación sobre cómo crear una subcuenta


When you open an account on Bybit, you will be trading while using one account, but is it possible to use multiple accounts and operate them for different purposes? And can it be done?

Holding multiple accounts

Bybit allows you to create multiple accounts. There are so many exchanges that only allow one when opening an account. Typical examples are Coincheck and bitbank. However, since Bybit does not specify it in the terms of use, it is possible to create multiple accounts.

How to create an additional account

In fact, the method of creating an additional account is exactly the same as the method of creating the first account. Nothing has changed. Please refer to the article below for information on how to open an account.

Meaning of creating multiple accounts

What it means to have multiple accounts on Bybit is an example that applies mainly to people who trade automatically. The first is used for automatic trading, and the second is for discretionary trading. This will allow you to use them properly. Of course, it can be a disadvantage in that management becomes troublesome, so you need to think carefully about how to operate it.

trading strategy

The more trading strategies you have, the more it makes sense to create sub-accounts. Depending on your strategy, you will likely have a variety of ways to fight, such as some accounts only doing long trades and others only short trades, but the advantage of using different accounts for each account is that the way you fight becomes very clear.

form of transaction

Bybit has various trading formats. You can trade in various formats such as spot trading and leverage trading, so the more active users who do a variety of trading, the more meaningful it is to create a sub-account. By narrowing down the transaction details for each account, you will no longer have any confusion and it will be much easier to carry out transactions.

Create a subaccount

Not many people know about it, but Bybit has something called sub-accounts. It has the following features: Regarding trading, it is almost the same as the main account, and the commission is exactly the same as the main account.

Maximum number of accounts

It is a mechanism that sub-accounts are attached to one main account. And the number of sub-accounts can be up to 20.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to deposit or withdraw from sub-accounts. You can deposit and withdraw money from the main account and use it in the sub-account.

profit and loss calculation

The profit and loss calculation method is not calculated by the total of the main account and sub-accounts. The mechanism is such that each is calculated and calculated separately.

How to create a subaccount

Bybit allows you to create multiple sub-accounts. Let’s log in first. Then click the red frame in the upper right to open the menu and click “Subaccount”.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

The screen will change, so select “Create subaccount”.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

You can create it by selecting a normal account or a custom account, deciding on a user name, and pressing “Confirm”. When you press confirm, a notification will be sent to the registered email address of the main account. Activate by entering the verification code in the email. You can create 20 subaccounts.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/