[Gate.io: For Beginners] What is NFT Marketplace? Platform trading method


In recent years, NFTs have received a lot of attention. In the 2020s, virtual currency exchanges around the world began to handle NFTs one after another. And Gate.io is no exception, with its NFT Marketplace. So what is an NFT in the first place? I’m writing an article about what it’s like.

What is Gate.io? About functions and features

Gate.io is a popular virtual currency exchange around the world used by many institutional investors and traders. The fees are not very high and we also offer a VIP service, which is popular. The maximum leverage is 100x and it supports two-step authentication, so security measures are solid. There is also a community where you can learn and exchange information. It is also possible to create sub-accounts, allowing you to create multiple accounts.

Supports various deposit methods

Gate.io supports virtual currencies (Bitcoin, etc.) for withdrawals, P2P, virtual currencies, legal currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, etc.), and credit cards (VISA) for deposits and payments in real time. We also have a solid support center system. It is also compatible with web browsers and mobile apps. Fund management in the wallet is also solid, and you can also transfer funds between portfolio accounts and classic accounts.

Many coins available

Gate.io is characterized by the large number of coins it handles. We have major altcoins such as BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, etc. Additionally, transaction history can be downloaded. It also supports lending, futures trading (derivatives), spot trading, staking, ETFs, liquidity mining, and margin trading. Orders support cross margin and separation margin.

Many services and campaigns are held

Services and campaigns are always being held at Gate.io. Furthermore, there are many events, and startups who own gatetoken can invest in newly listed coins and earn airdrops. You can check the latest information on the official page. It also supports demo accounts such as testnet, as well as friend invitation and affiliate programs.

What are NFTs?

NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. It is said to be a non-fungible token, and by associating an NFT with a digital asset, it is possible to manage the owner and transaction history of the digital asset. Until now, there have been technical problems that make it impossible to recognize whether a digital asset is a copy or an original. However, in recent years, it has become possible to distinguish it technically, and it has become a unique asset that cannot be replaced, and has value. Along with that, the number of people investing in NFT is increasing rapidly. Owning NFTs created value and began to be traded.

Characteristics of NFTs

NFT has the feature that anyone can create it. Furthermore, since detailed conditions can be set by program, it is now possible to add rarity to digital data, which was previously considered difficult to prove asset value. Recently, NFT art has also appeared, and the art market is also crowded. In the future, NFTs are expected to be used in various fields such as real estate and games.


In the case of NFT, for example, even if the appearance of digital art is exactly the same, the value of each work is determined based on the identification information recorded on the blockchain, so even if the work of art looks the same, it is treated as an irreplaceable existence. , value is created.

Difficult to falsify records

NFT is based on blockchain, and information such as creator and owner is recorded there. Even if a hacker tries to tamper with the information in the blockchain, it is said that such an act is virtually difficult with the blockchain because it has to attack multiple places.


NFTs have programmability. Programmability is the ability to add various information and functions to NFT. If you give the NFT a program in advance that “pay a part of the sales to the creator at the time of secondary sale”, the creator of that NFT can receive royalties every time the secondary sale is established. .

What is NFT Marketplace?

NFT Marketplace refers to a platform where NFTs can be traded. This market has become a major cryptocurrency exchange in the 2020s, not only Binance and Bybit, but also Gate.io. Not only are NFT creators profitable, but the market is expanding. Therefore, the reality is that among the users who register on virtual currency exchanges, there are a lot of people who register for NFT. Gate.io has an exchange and an NFT marketplace with over 10 million users.

How to join the NFT Marketplace

In order to participate in the NFT marketplace at Gate.io, you must first open an account. Of course, it is necessary to complete the identity verification. The following articles are provided for your reference.

After registering, please log in. Click NFT at the top of the screen.

Source : Gate.io

Go to NFT Marketplace. You can purchase each work, so let’s click on it. There are always projects, and some works can be purchased for free.

Source : Gate.io

Please read the outline and precautions of the work carefully. Purchasing is possible with the push of a button.

Source : Gate.io