[Bybit: virtual currency, nft] What do you do after buying NFT art? use, future


NFT art can be said to be a market that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years. Because this market is an industry that is growing quite exponentially in the 2020s. However, after purchasing NFT art, what are you doing in the first place? Many people are curious.

What do you do with NFT art?

NFT art is a hot topic. But what do you do with NFT art? problem occurs. Even if you buy NFT art, there are so many people who don’t know what it can be used for in the first place. But there are many ways to use it:

wallet collection

NFTs are digital images, so you can enjoy them like an album by arranging them in your wallet. In other words, you have the advantage of making it your own collection and enjoying it as a hobby.

SNS icon

Many people also set NFT art as their SNS icon. In particular, there are many people who use Twitter icons.


Many people also sell the purchased NFTs to earn income. Because the NFT population is still small, it is possible to take advantage of the first-mover advantage.

Smartphone standby screen

Many people also set NFT art as the standby screen of their smartphone. You can freely set it as the standby screen of your smartphone or PC, so there are many people doing it.

Exhibit in the metaverse space

There is a means of exhibition in the Metaverse space. Metaverse is a three-dimensional world created on the Internet, which is translated as “virtual space”. You can customize your own art display and share it with others.

give away

Giveaway is a project on Twitter to give NFTs by lottery on the condition of following, RT, and likes. Those who receive it have the chance to get NFTs for free, and those who give them can support the project.

borrow money

Some people leave NFT art to others and borrow money. There is a mechanism called NFTfi that allows individuals to present conditions and agree to borrow virtual currency using NFT as collateral.


The future of NFTs

It is said that the future of NFT is both bright and bleak.

New entry by companies

Companies and celebrities are entering NFT one after another. Therefore, it is believed that the NFT boom will not end while there are still new entrants. As a result, the awareness of NFT is increasing even among people who have never known about NFT. Famous companies include Facebook and Adidas.

NFT introduction by SNS

Instagram and Twitter have introduced NFTs. You can now set your Twitter icon to a one-of-a-kind NFT. As a result, NFT is advertised to the general public, so it is expected that awareness will increase.


Resellers are also appearing on the NFT boom. Resellers are generally disliked, but they are helping to revitalize the NFT market. The advantage of NFT resale is that it will be a digital asset, so there will be no fixed costs. Since the market is still developing, it is said that profits can be increased in the future.

Bybit’s NFT Marketplace

Bybit has an NFT Marketplace. If you open an account, you can actually enter and trade, so let’s try it.