[Bybit: virtual currency, nft] Are NFT games boring? The reason why there are many bad works that are not interesting and the future


The NFT market has suddenly expanded in recent years and is a market that is attracting a lot of attention. Among them, games are attracting a lot of attention, but it is said that many games are not fun. Why?

Why NFT games are boring

Gaming is one of the most popular of the ever-expanding NFT markets. But most NFT games are said to be really boring. What is the reason?

Billing game

Most NFT games are paid games. The creators of NFT games are also doing business, so I don’t think they can do it for free. However, the reality is that many users do not want to pay to play the game. The amount you can earn varies depending on the NFT game, but there are games that charge a large amount.

No big companies have entered

The reality of NFT games is that individual developers and small and medium-sized game development companies are making NFT games. Because it is still a new industry, major game companies have not yet entered. That’s why there are so many boring games. There are few big companies and it is made on a low budget.

few games

NFT games are still in the future, so the number of games is extremely small. If it is a consumer game, there are enough to rot, but when it comes to NFT games, most of them are made with a low budget and the number is small, so there are not many works that satisfy users.

Less features

Most NFT games are made on a low budget. Because of that, the reality is that there are many thin games that don’t have much depth. If there is no story and it is easy to capture, users do not want to actively charge.

How to enjoy NFT games

Currently, there are many low-quality games, but there are ways to enjoy them.

Communication between gamers

If NFT games are boring, it would be a good idea to create a community among the same gamers and interact with them. Playing games alone can be very boring, but when you have a partner or someone you can talk to, it can be surprisingly fun. You can exchange strategies and opinions.

just earn

Gamers just want to enjoy the game itself. If you do the NFT game in the same sense as a part-time job or a side job, you can also divide it as a reasonable work.

play another game

Most of the current NFT games are monotonous and the quality is very low. In that case, there is also a way to enjoy various games moderately. If you try this and that, you will be able to enjoy it moderately.

Why NFT games are so popular

It is said that NFT games will become popular in the future. There are the following grounds for this.

market growth

The NFT market suddenly expanded explosively around 2020. The global NFT transaction value has tripled in one year, from $24.5 million in 2019 to $82.5 million in 2020. and $17.6 billion in 2021. It was said that if this trend continued, it would become a ridiculous market.

2019$24.5 million
2020$82.5 million
2021$17.69 billion

Source : 調査結果 (caa.go.jp)

However, NFT trading volume has declined since mid-2021. It is said that the NFT bubble burst due to the rapid expansion of NFT. It will be interesting to see if we can grow from here.

new gaming experience

Gaming geeks always want new games. It is said that NFT games will not decline because of the new gaming experience. It is said that curious gamers are unlikely to withdraw from this market because it offers a new gaming experience.

Large companies enter

Recently, large companies have entered the NFT game. Square Enix and Sony are entering the NFT market one after another. Since large companies are entering the NFT game market, it is said that the market will be activated in the future.

NFT has many uses

NFTs have many uses. After purchasing, you can resell it or use it as a hobby. From now on, it is said that NFT will become popular because the usage of NFT will further expand.

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