[Gate.io: For beginners] What are points? Features and usage


Gate.io is one of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency exchanges. Among them, it has unusual functions compared to other exchanges. It’s a “points” system. This point is a rare item that can only be used in Gate.io. So what can it be used for?

What are points?

Points have the following characteristics: It is recommended that you complete authentication with an app, purchase crypto assets such as Bitcoin, or tokens, and once the funds are in your wallet, you can apply and receive points by clicking. Unlike event airdrops, these can only be used within Gate.io. Although it is a privilege, there are disadvantages, and you cannot convert it into cash and make a profit.

How to use points

You can check the details of the new points you have earned from your browser or application in the reward center or points page located on the top right of the official menu. The latest points offered are attractive because they can be used to buy and sell stocks such as USDT, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Click “Use Now” to use in the applicable market. Points can be used to pay fees.

Not redeemable

Points will be a unique system that is effective only at Gate.io. Therefore, you cannot cash out anything by withdrawing. That means you can’t do anything for money.

Remittance not possible

Points will be a unique system that is effective only at Gate.io. It cannot be converted into cash and cannot be remitted. In other words, it cannot be used on other virtual currency exchanges.

transaction fee

Points can only be used on Gate.io, but conversely, they can be used within Gate.io. It can be used as a transaction fee in actual transactions. The specification use of points is only for this part.

How to use points

You can check the points you have earned on the reward center or points page.

Source : Gate.io

Regarding the points you have earned, you can check the type of points, target market, amount, expiration date, usage rules, etc. of each point. Please note that each point has a completely different deadline. Once expired, the points cannot be used again. Points can be used to pay fees for spot and futures transactions.

List of campaigns where you can get points

So what exactly is the campaign that gives this unique point? I’ve put together that list. There are two main ones. The following information is the campaign as of 2023. The campaign where points are awarded will change depending on the time.

Rookie task campaign

Newcomer Task Campaign allows you to earn points that can be used within gate.io by clearing tasks for beginners. You can earn points by completing very simple tasks for beginners.

P2P Trading20 point
Copy Trading10 point
Quants Copy10 point

VIP rank up

There is a VIP rank-up system, and points are awarded each time a VIP member clears a certain number of criteria. Apart from this, there is also a friend introduction, and 50 points will be given for every 3 people introduced.

VIP1~310 point
VIP4~520 point
VIP6~730 point
VIP8~950 point
VIP10100 point

daily login campaign

By logging in to gate.io every day, you will be able to participate in the lottery where you can get points. By logging in for 7 consecutive days, a lottery will be automatically held from among users, and if you win, points will be automatically awarded.