[Gate.io: For Beginners] How to register, how to open a free account, how to verify your identity (KYC), and how to use the virtual currency exchange


In order to actually use Gate.io, you have to register. However, registration is very easy and can be done in no time as long as you have an email address. When actually using it, it is very preferable to complete the identity verification. Once you have done this, you will be able to trade, deposit and withdraw without restrictions.

What is Gate.io?

The features of Gate.io and information about the exchInformation about Gate.io’s features and exchanges is summarized in the article below, so please refer to it. This is a general explanation, so if you are interested, please take a look. There are so many brands and coins, and there are many types such as Bitcoin, so you may have trouble making purchases. It has high leverage, uses cold wallets, and has better security than other crypto asset services. You can check it on the official website. Both spot trading and futures trading are possible.ange are summarized in the following article, so it would be nice if you could refer to it. If you are interested, please take a look.

How to open a free account

Click the button below to access how to open an account. On the management site, you can also change the language settings from the list. Since Gate.io is an overseas exchange, it supports more languages than exchanges in Japan. You can change the language from the mark on the top right. Detailed information on coins, tokens, bonuses, staking, etc. is also provided. Two-factor authentication is also available, making it very easy to trade on your smartphone.

Source : Gate.io

Source : Gate.io

Enter registration information

In the case of an email address, you can open it by setting an email address and a password arbitrarily.

Source : Gate.io

If you want to register by phone number, please click the “Phone number” tab. Registration is completed by entering the country code, phone number, and any password.

Source : Gate.io

A warning message will appear when you are finished. If OK, click “I got it”.

Source : Gate.io

email authentication

I have email verification. In the case of telephone registration, there is an authentication work by SMS. Please note that you have received the verification code. Enter the received code on the Gate.io screen. Account registration is now complete. However, you cannot trade with this, so the following procedure is required.

Source : Gate.io

Set funds password

After completion, a screen will appear. The fund password is the password required when withdrawing virtual currency from Gate, and is different from the password used when logging in. Enter any password and click “Set and change” to complete.

Source : Gate.io


When you set a fund password, you will be transferred to the identity verification screen. If you do not verify your identity, you will be subject to various restrictions, so we recommend that you do so. The first is level 1, so try to finish up to 3 if possible.

Level DocumentTrade and Transfer
KYC 1Enter basic informationDaily withdrawal limit: 100,000USDT
KYC 2Submit ID and facial recognitionDaily withdrawal limit: 2,000,000USDT
Use of points, coupons, etc.
KYC 3Submission of address confirmation documentsDaily withdrawal limit: 8,000,000USDT

As for how to operate, please click the mark on the upper right after logging in.

Source : Gate.io

Then, the menu will be expanded, so please click KYC.

Source : Gate.io

Then, you will be able to perform each authentication, so please proceed with the authentication work according to each procedure.

Source : Gate.io

Two-factor authentication (security measures)

Although it is not essential, there is a two-factor authentication function as a security measure, so please use it as much as possible. Do your best to protect your assets. The procedure is the same as the identity verification above, click the mark to expand the menu, so click security settings.

Source : Gate.io

Settings that can be made include Google Authenticator, email authentication, and SMS settings for phone numbers.

Source : Gate.io

Google Authentication

Security measures by Google Authentication are very major, so let’s do it as much as possible. You can proceed by clicking below.

Source : Gate.io

Google Authentication itself can be installed from the link below. Both iOS and Android are supported. After installing the authentication app, read the code in the image to display the authentication number. If you enter the authentication number in Gate.io, the setting is completed.

Frequently asked questions about opening an account

As a final step, we have put together a guide to frequently asked questions and how to deal with them when opening an account. Gate.io offers as much content as major exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, and MEXC. Popular stocks such as BTC and ETH and minor coins can also be traded with small amounts. Of course, it is unique, offers a VIP service, and has the largest number of altcoins in the world. Please note that the service may not be fully available depending on your country of residence or network.

Is it possible to trade without verifying my identity?

Gate.io allows you to trade without verifying your identity. However, the problem is when withdrawing money. When withdrawing money, the withdrawal limit changes depending on the identity verification level, so if you want to use it seriously, we recommend that you do it carefully.

How long does it take to verify my identity?

Identity verification can take at least several hours after submitting documents. This is due to visual inspection by staff. This may take up to several days.

What identity verification documents are required?

An ID with a photo is required for identity verification. Applications without a photo will not be accepted. Valid documents include residence card, driver’s license, and passport. If you don’t have one, ask for a photo ID to be issued at a nearby government office.

Is there a smartphone app?

As explained above, Gate.io allows you to trade not only on the web browser but also on the smartphone app. By downloading and using it, you can not only trade, but also make deposits and withdrawals, so it is very convenient and recommended.

At what age can you open an account?

In principle, anyone over the age of 18 can open an account at Gate.io. However, please note that users who have previously engaged in prohibited activities, even if they are over 18, will be prohibited from registering and will not be able to use the service.

Is there a demo account?

Gate.io has something called a demo account. Demo accounts do not use real money, so they are highly recommended for beginners.

Account deletion/withdrawal

Please refer to the following article for information on account deletion and account deletion.