[Bybit: Virtual Currency, NFT] Reviews and Reputation User Experiences


Bybit is a globally used cryptocurrency exchange with registered users all over the world. So what kind of impressions and opinions do registered users have? Therefore, we have collected reviews and reviews this time, so please refer to them.

Traders Union

This time, we collected reviews from a site called Traders Union. Traders Union is a website founded in 2010 that introduces reviews and reviews of cryptocurrency and forex sites. Traders Union is a very informative site because you can see reviews from users all over the world. However, not all reviews are correct, and there are quite a few users who write with resentment, so be careful.

Global distribution of Bybit users by country

Bybit users are said to be all over the world, but where are they located in the first place? Japan has the most in the world. The next most popular countries are the United States, Germany, South Korea, and Australia. In addition, it can be said that there are users from India, Canada, and South America. Bybit, which is deployed all over the world, has successfully acquired users from all over the world.

Source : Tradersunion

word of mouth and reputation

So what are the opinions of users around the world? I’ve quoted both high and low ratings, so let’s refer to them. First of all, let’s introduce the opinion introduced as a top review.

top reviews

Bybit’s platform is highly rated. Whether it’s features or speed, it gets pretty high marks. Futures trading is rated for those who are familiar with derivatives and their specifications.

Source : Tradersunion

From the user’s point of view, Bybit’s platform is very easy to use. Bybit allows you to place both short and long orders for the same stock, making it very easy to use.

Source : Tradersunion

Compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, Bybit is very easy to manage. However, on the other hand, there is a disadvantage that you can not hold many positions. In addition, it points out that the withdrawal method has a disadvantage that it is not possible to withdraw to legal currency.

Source : Tradersunion

Other reviews

Bybit users rarely have any troubles. Even beginners can rest assured that it will be an exchange that can be used with peace of mind.

Source : Tradersunion

Some Bybit users have evaluated that trading is more difficult than other exchanges. This may be due to Bybit’s use of TradingView.

Source : Tradersunion

Many users who use Bybit use multiple exchanges, but there are users who rate Bybit as the best exchange. Bybit is a fast-growing exchange, and many users find it convenient because of its extensive functions.

Source : Tradersunion

In recent years, Bybit has added NFT, but the quality of service is highly rated among cryptocurrency exchanges. There are many users who are highly rated above, but the reason why Bybit is highly rated is that it provides a high quality service overall.

Source : Tradersunion

Although Bybit’s service quality is very high, it seems that some users are confused by the complex derivatives trading. The user is very satisfied with Bybit’s quality support, but also hinted that he would use other exchanges.

Source : Tradersunion

Bybit has frequent campaigns and promotions, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular from the user’s point of view. That is why many people rate Bybit as the best exchange.

Source : Tradersunion

Account opening is free

Bybit account opening is free. Please refer to the article below for information on how to open an account.