[Gate.io: For beginners] What is crypto asset lending staking?


Gate.io allows leveraged trading and is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges where spot trading is also possible. But that’s not all. Gate.io also allows staking. Gate.io is an exchange that can profit from various strategies.

What is staking?

Staking refers to a mechanism in which virtual currency is held in a wallet without being used for transactions, etc., and profits can be obtained by participating in staking events. In other words, you can earn money just by depositing money. In staking, the annual yield is set in advance, and the holders of the currency receive rewards like stock investment dividends, so I think it is easy for those who invest in stocks to imagine.

The difference between stock investment and cryptocurrency staking

From the above story, many people think that stock investment is the same as staking. There are many similarities, but there are also differences. Equity investment is basically investing in companies, whereas staking targets blockchains. The staked currency cannot be moved even by the purchaser and is locked. This is sometimes called lock staking. However, there are cases where the more currencies that cannot be freely moved, the higher the profit margin.

Features of staking

Staking has the following features. However, since it is an investment, it is not a system that guarantees 100% winning, so let’s consider whether to do it after understanding it.

No tradeskill required

In leverage trading and foreign exchange trading, traders will stick to the chart looking for a rebound point and aim for entry. But staking does not require tradeskill. Since you only need to deposit money, even those without skills may be able to make a profit.

easy to join

In order to profit from virtual currency, a great deal of knowledge is required, but in the case of staking, just holding the currency on an exchange that supports staking services will almost certainly make a profit. can be obtained. Therefore, the participation requirements are also low.

Annual interest rate higher than bank

In most developed countries, there is little benefit in putting money in the bank. In the case of staking, the annual interest rate is much higher than that of banks, around 3% to 6%, making it very popular. Staking is highly recommended for long-term asset management.

How to participate in staking

In order to participate in staking, it is necessary to open an account first. I will introduce it in the following article, so it would be nice if you could refer to it. Also, please complete the identity verification.

After opening an account, log in. Select Staking from Finance in the top menu.

Source : Gate.io

A list of projects that can be staked will be displayed, so select the one that interests you. You can also see here how long it will be locked.

Source : Gate.io

You can participate in staking by pressing the deposit period, amount, and button.

Source : Gate.io

What are the features and functions of Gate.io?

Gate.io has many features other than staking. Fees Commissions are low, security features, and regulations are very high. It supports two-factor authentication, and funds management for portfolio accounts and classic accounts is also secure. We have a wide variety of financial products and handle the largest number of coins in the world. This is a market where many institutional investors who make large transactions participate. The platform also has its own system. It is also possible to create sub-accounts.

Many trading methods available

Gate.io has a wide range of trading methods, including staking, margin trading, spot trading, grid bot automation, futures trading, liquidity mining, and ETFs. Order history can be downloaded from the official designated page. Trades can be initiated at any time both via the mobile app application and from a PC browser. Recommended for both short-term and long-term trading. It supports major altcoins such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, and USDT.

Supports deposit and withdrawal methods

Gate.io supports virtual currency (Bitcoin, etc.) when withdrawing profits, fiat currency, P2P transactions, and even credit cards (VISA) for deposits and payments. API functions are also available. There are also many events such as startups where you can earn airdrops. The latest information is posted on the official page.