[Gate.io: For beginners] What is a startup? How to do it, registered participation projects and rules Airdrop explanation


Gate.io will be the exchange with the largest number of coins in the world. We handle over 1700 virtual currency coins, full of rare coins. Gate.io often has startup events. Users will have a lot of chances to win airdrops by participating in this event, so it is highly recommended.

What is Gate.io? Exchange features and main functions

Gate.io is quite well known around the world as an overseas crypto asset exchange. It is a relatively popular virtual currency exchange along with bitget, binance, kucoin, etc. Deposit methods include virtual currency (Bitcoin), P2P, and legal currency. Furthermore, there are many bonuses and campaigns, and there are many events on the official website where you can receive rewards. It is also possible to create multiple accounts.

Security measures can be taken

Gate.io has strict security measures in place and supports two-step authentication. Users can basically make their own choices, but try to do this as much as possible. Identity verification KYC and password setting can be done using the app or web browser.

There are many trading methods

Gate.io allows traders to do futures (leverage) trading, spot trading, defi, liquidity mining, staking, and more. We also handle and provide major altcoins such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. Buying and selling orders are easy and supports separate margin and cross margin.

What is a startup?

Startups airdrop various tokens to users who have a certain amount of assets or have reached VIP level. Gate.io has the largest number of coins in the world, so it is an exchange with a large number of newly listed coins. By participating in the startup, users have a chance to get newly listed tokens. The amount you can obtain will vary depending on your VIP rank. This event is held all year round.

What is airdrop?

Airdrop refers to an event where you can receive coin tokens for free when a virtual currency exchange handles new coins. In order to receive an airdrop, it is necessary to clear the participation conditions of the event. By getting tokens obtained for free, users will make a lot of money if the value of the coin soars after listing.

How to get more airdrops

How to get more virtual currency can increase your VIP rank. The number of shares you can buy in a startup depends on your VIP rank. Therefore, the higher the VIP rank, the more you can buy. Please refer to the article below on how to participate in VIP.

Startup participation conditions

There are three conditions to participate in the startup. You must meet all three conditions below, or VIP Rank 1.

account opening

First of all, you cannot participate in the startup event without opening an account. I will introduce it in the following article, so I think that you can refer to it.

Identity verification completed

In order to participate in the startup event, it is necessary not only to open an account but also to complete identity verification. The above article also explains the level and method of identity verification, so please refer to it.

Assets over 0

A balance is required to participate in the startup event. If you have at least $500 or more in your account, you are not eligible to participate.

Hold VIP rank

In addition to the above, if you have a VIP rank, you can get more airdrops. It is possible to participate in startups with VIP rank 1 or higher. Note that you cannot participate in the startup unless the average holding amount for 14 days is 100GT or more.

Startup participation method

To participate in the startup event, first log in. Let’s click Startup from the mark on the screen.

Source : Gate.io

A list of currently available projects is displayed. Click on the one you would like to purchase. If you have enough money, you can invest in various projects at the same time.

Source : Gate.io

How to check the airdrop token

Tokens will be airdropped to physical accounts when the project ends. You can check your physical account from your home wallet.

Source : Gate.io