[Gate.io: For Beginners] How to create additional multiple accounts Subaccounts


Gate.io will be one of the cryptocurrency exchanges used by over 10 million users worldwide. Since there are many users, the strategy also varies depending on the user. Depending on the strategy, some users trade using multiple accounts. How can I have multiple accounts?

Owning multiple accounts

Gate.io does not allow multiple accounts. As mentioned in the article below, your account will be subject to suspension. In other words, it is a rule that the same person cannot create multiple accounts on Gate.io. However, it is worth noting that it is possible to have multiple accounts in another way instead.

Create a subaccount

So how can you add an account, there is a subaccount. You can create multiple accounts with one main account. This means that a user can only have one main account, but can create multiple sub-accounts from the main account.

Advantages and disadvantages of subaccounts

What are the advantages and disadvantages of users creating multiple accounts? In general:


The advantage is that by creating multiple accounts, you can separate strategies for each account. One account is dedicated to long-term trading, and the other is dedicated to short-term trading. Gate.io also allows staking, etc., so it is worth creating a sub-account for users who have multiple strategies.


The disadvantage of sub-accounts is that management becomes complicated. This is because you have multiple accounts, and multiple trades are being made, so you have to check from time to time what kind of trades you are doing with each account. It can be said that it is a strategy that is not recommended for those who feel that management is troublesome.

How to create a subaccount

To create a subaccount, you must first open a main account. Create an account first, as described in the article below. Creating an account is free and risk-free.

After logging in, click the red mark to expand the menu and select a subaccount.

Source : Gate.io

It is possible to create a subaccount from the button on the upper right.

Source : Gate.io

You can create a sub account by selecting a username and account type. After creation, Google security verification or mobile phone number verification. After entering the corresponding verification code, click Confirm. After successfully creating a subaccount, you can check the created account on the subaccount management page.

Source : Gate.io

Subaccount assets

Sub-account assets can basically be transferred from the main account to the sub-account or from the sub-account to the main account. In other words, it is not possible to transfer assets between sub-accounts.

Subaccount restrictions

Please note that P2P transactions, fiat currency loans, point card remittances, and red packet functions cannot be used with sub-accounts. If you want to use these features, you must do so with your main account.

Gate.io allows you to open an account for free

By opening an account at Gate.io, you can participate in the following services.

Download transaction history

You can download the transaction history of the subaccount you created. This allows you to check your profits and losses, tax returns, prove your personal income, and even know when you traded. Crypto asset exchanges have this setting function. You can also manage your wallet online.

Main account same function

The sub-account can basically use the same functions as the main account, and the programs are enriched and enabled. . You can also start futures trading, security certification, fund exchange between classic and margin trading accounts, and API. There is also a VIP program that you can participate in. You can trade on any device, mobile app, or PC.

Same transaction format

You can also participate in bonuses and campaigns and receive benefits. We support a variety of transactions, including derivatives trading, liquidity mining, and staking, in which institutional investors also participate. Orders are also supported in various altcoins such as BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Participating in startup events

You can also invest in startup events held on Gate.io and newly listed coins. You can make money through auctions and airdrops. Community participation and friend invitations are also available.

Supports deposit and withdrawal methods

Sub-accounts support various deposit and withdrawal methods. Virtual currency remittances, fiat currencies, and P2P transactions are also possible by scanning QR codes. To receive funds, you can transfer funds to each subaccount in your wallet and trade.