[ For beginners] Resale of NFT is prohibited? illegal?

Resale may generally give a very bad impression. There are a lot of people who resell in the NFT market, but is this illegal? And are they allowed to resell? I will explain the actual situation.

[ For beginners] Don’t mess with NFT art The reason

The NFT market has become a very hot market in the 2020s, and it is a field where many investors and companies are entering. While NFTs are expanding rapidly, many people are sounding the alarm. What kind of risks does NFT art pose?

[ For beginners] What is NFT staking? Features and mechanism

In the NFT industry, which suddenly expanded in the 2020s, the NFT market itself is attracting a lot of attention. More and more people are getting their hands on NFT investment, and some of them are staking. It is an investment method that can aim for unearned income.

[ For beginners] Is NFT prohibited from doing side jobs? company employee, civil servant

The NFT market is an industry that has suddenly become popular in the last few years. The NFT market has grown rapidly since 2020 and is expected to continue growing in the future, but if you earn too much, you may run into company regulations, so be careful.

[ For beginners] Is NFT art profitable? can’t sell?

There are countless works of NFT art out now, but most of them are not selling. In fact, the reality is that more than 90% of the works do not sell at all. So why are so few people buying art?

[ for beginners] Is NFT art worthless?

NFT art is getting a lot of attention, but is it worth it? And for what reason is it said to be worthless? This time, I collected the reasons why art is said to have no value.

[ For beginners] Can NFT art sell even if it’s bad?

NFT art can be said to be the most popular and distributed content in the NFT genre. When it comes to NFT art, people tend to think that it is created by a designer, but surprisingly that is not the case. In fact, there is a possibility that even a picture without drawing ability will sell.

[Bybit: virtual currency, nft] Can you sell NFT photos? can’t sell?

Speaking of NFT, it is said that games and art are the main ones. But there are also NFT photos. It is actually for sale on the marketplace. Therefore, photographers should try the NFT market.

[Bybit: virtual currency, nft] Are NFT games boring? The reason why there are many bad works that are not interesting and the future

The NFT market has suddenly expanded in recent years and is a market that is attracting a lot of attention. Among them, games are attracting a lot of attention, but it is said that many games are not fun. Why?

[Bybit: virtual currency, nft] Are NFT games not popular? Reason and Reality

Games are one of the most popular NFTs. Many companies have entered the NFT market, and it is expected to become popular in the future, but there are quite a few people who argue that it will not become popular. What is the reason?