[Gate.io: For Beginners] How to download tax return transaction history


With Gate.io, if you make a profit, you will need to file a tax return. Tax returns must be filed when you make a profit. But how can I retrieve past history? We have an article on how to do that.

How to get transaction history

First, log in to Gate.io. Click ‘Orders’ in the menu tab, open ‘Classic Accounts’ and click on one of your accounts. Click “Transaction history” from the order tabs on the left. Now you can see your transaction history. It is a specification that allows you to see all the history of spot, futures, and copy trades.

Source : Gate.io

It is also possible to specify the period of transaction history, and it is also possible to download it as a file. You can download the history file in CSV format by clicking “Download” at the top right of the screen. You can also request batch data on the side. Please note that batch data is limited to 10 times per month.

Source : Gate.io

If you do not file a tax return

If you don’t file a final tax return, there is a penalty. If you do not file a tax return during the final tax return period even though you are eligible to file it, you will be subject to penalties such as being charged more tax than you originally paid.

If you miss the deadline

There is a set deadline for tax returns each year. If you do not do so within the deadline, additional tax for non-reporting and delinquency tax will be imposed. However, there are slight differences in the system depending on the country of residence, so be sure to check.

When there is an investigation from the tax office

Penalties may be imposed if there is an investigation by the tax office that you have not filed a tax return. Please note that there is a non-declaration additional tax.

Penalty for cheating

Penalties will also be imposed if you commit fraud, such as making the final tax return false. In this case, not only non-declaration additional tax but also double additional tax may be imposed. The double tax rate is known to be very high.

hidden income

In the case of income concealment, it may be the worst criminal act, and it is possible to be arrested, so we absolutely do not recommend it. Even if there is no obvious fraud, if the amount of sales or expenses fluctuates significantly, there is a possibility that the tax office will investigate. Please report honestly.