[Bybit: Cryptocurrency, NFT] TradingView and indicators


Bybit has a large number of indicators available. The chart uses TradingView. Traders should refer to these two things as they need to know about these two things when trading from now on.

Trading View

Bybit trading charts are powered by Trading View. This system is often used not only for virtual currencies but also for stocks and FX, and is known as a multi-functional chart. You can change the color of the candlesticks and change the background color, so you can change the look to your liking. You can also change details such as adding color to the current value of the indicator to emphasize it, or changing the color and thickness of the indicator line.


source : https://www.bybit.com/

What is an indicator?

Indicators are technical indicators that are used to recognize, forecast and judge market trends. It is often difficult to understand the current market situation just by looking at the chart. You can visualize it by using indicators as training wheels.

Features of Trading View

Trading View has the following functions, and is a system that is used in various trades such as exchanges, stocks, and virtual currencies. However, since there is a free version and a paid version, there are things you can and can’t do with each.。

View multiple instruments and symbols

TradingView allows you to view charts of multiple financial instruments and symbols on one screen. For example, stocks and FX, FX and cryptocurrencies, etc. can display different products. In financial markets, different products can influence each other. It is a system that can detect this in advance.

Over 100 indicators

TradingView has over 100 indicators by default. And not only that, the public library publishes user-designed strategies and indicators, and other users can use the published indicators. All of these add up to over 100,000.

create indicator

As pointed out above, the user can also create the indicator itself as an individual. If you have programming knowledge, you can create an indicator using this TradingView script, Pine.

Customizing the chart screen

By combining 100 types of indicators, more than 50 types of drawing tools, 12 types of charts, etc., you can set your favorite chart screen.

Alert function

It also has an “alert function” that can send notifications to smartphones and PCs triggered by indicators and trend line values. You can set 12 types of alert conditions, such as alert frequency, expiration date, and notification format such as pop-up and email.

TradingView and how to work with indicators

To operate TradingView and indicators, you must first log in and view the chart screen. Please refer to the article below to create an account.

When you log in, let’s select any stock and display it on the chart screen. By default, it is a standard chart, but you can switch it by clicking “TradingView” in the red frame.

source : https://www.bybit.com/

Indicator settings can be added by clicking “Indicators” above the chart. There are many types of indicators and you can add your favorite ones.

source : https://www.bybit.com/

Added indicators can also change their settings. The eye mark can be used to hide or display the indicator, and the gear mark can change the style, color and size of the line. The × mark is the deletion of the indicator display. Other detailed settings can be made for the “…” mark.

source : https://www.bybit.com/