[Gate.io: For beginners] What is the VIP program? Explanation of rank acquisition conditions and participation methods Users only


Gate.io is a very famous cryptocurrency exchange with over 10 million users worldwide. It is also known for its large number of core users, and there is a VIP program as a service for these core users. If you can join this program, you can trade under better conditions, so it is highly recommended.

Gate.io features and functions

Gate.io will become the top-ranked crypto asset exchange in the world. We handle the world’s largest number of coins (financial products), and many users are hesitant about purchasing. The commission is 0.15~0.2% for Maker/Taker. However, virtual currency prices fluctuate. Even if you place an order to buy spot or futures, it may turn out to be worse than expected. Some products have high volatility, so be careful if you are using bots.

Wide variety of brands available

Gate.io has a wide variety of stocks available. Ethereum, bitcoin, xrp, dogecoin, cardano, solana, etc. can be traded using futures trading or grid trading, and can also be traded automatically. Brokers also actively post news and blogs, so let’s take a look. The group has many system upgrades and provides a full range of services.

Many deposit and withdrawal methods

The main deposit and withdrawal method is virtual currency deposits (Bitcoin, etc.), but P2P, legal currency (USD), etc. are also supported for payments. Withdrawals are basically virtual currency remittances. You can now easily do this in the app through personal settings. Virtual currency remittances are made by scanning a QR code.

Enhanced security functions

Gate.io has quite a lot of security enhancement functions. Two-factor authentication has been introduced, so there is no risk of your login or password being stolen. Wallet management is also safe. Device operations can be bought and sold online using both web browsers and mobile apps.

Many trading methods

The latest information is that Gate.io has a wide variety of trading methods and supports real-time spot trading, margin trading, staking, leverage (derivatives) trading, and liquidity mining. It has its own platform and handles many valuable coins such as USDT, BTC, ETH, and DOGE. You can download the profit trading history in the market. There is also a sub-account function, so you can trade with multiple accounts.

Lots of events

Gate.io always holds events such as startups, and there are many official bonuses and campaigns. You can also earn tokens by receiving airdrop rewards for newly listed coins. The event period will be announced on Support from time to time. Many professional large-scale institutional investors have also entered. We also have friend invite and affiliate programs.

Language switching is also possible

Since it is a global exchange, there are many language options available. Compatible with indonesia, frança, english, tiếng, deutsch, türkçe, Русский, Українська, 简体, việt, português. We also support various legal currencies such as USD, JPY, EUR, and GBP.

What is the VIP program?

The VIP program is a service provided for core users and has various benefits. With these benefits, users will be able to trade on better terms, which is very advantageous. However, not everyone can apply for this program. There are conditions for participation.

VIP participation conditions

In order to participate in the VIP program, the following conditions must be met. It is not necessary to meet all of the following conditions, and if you clear any one of them, you will meet the conditions for VIP membership.

500 BTC or more per month

Limited to users trading 500 BTC or more per month. This means that you need to prove that you are an active trader to some extent.

Balance of 20 BTC or more

You must be an active user and a trader with a reasonably large balance. It is limited to users who have a lot of funds and are willing to spend a lot of money.

Loyal GT holders with 50,000 GT or more

Users who own their own token, GT, are given preferential treatment. GT is a token that Gate.io puts a lot of effort into, so holders have a great advantage.

Benefits of the VIP program

What are the benefits of joining VIP? The following are the advantages.

transaction feeEven lower transaction fees.
withdrawal limitWithdrawal limits are higher than for regular members.
Dedicated VIP managerVIP members have their own manager. We are available 24 hours a day.
API limitRestrictions on API functions are relaxed, making it even easier to use.
Deposit/withdrawal speedFor VIP members, the response time for deposits and withdrawals will be prioritized, so the reflection time will be faster.
Birthday giftVIP members can receive gifts on their birthdays.
Exclusive VIP MeetupYou can contact the management offline only for VIP members.
Browse market dataVIP members can view the history of market data up to now only.

How to participate in the VIP program

To actually participate in the VIP program, you must first create an account for free. The following article explains how to open a free account, so please refer to it. Currently, you can participate at any time, but you can only enter during the target period. This offer may be available for a limited time, so apply now if you’re eligible. Let’s experience it.

Just send me an email once the account has been opened. To apply, simply email business@gateio.me. After that, the management side will start the examination, and the result will be known.