[Bybit: Cryptocurrency, NFT] What is Walken? Features and purchase method


Do you know what Walken is called? There may be many people who are running among game otaku, but it is an NFT game and it is attracting a lot of attention. However, in order to enjoy this Walken, you must first open an account with Bybit.

What is Walken?

Walken is an NFT game. You can earn WLKN, a virtual currency, by walking in the real world and playing matches, so it’s an ideal game for game otaku. Because you can enjoy the game and earn more money.

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What is a gem?

Gems are in-game currency used to raise the level of Cathleite. Gems can only be used within the game, so they cannot be transferred to other exchanges. Basically, you can only earn money by walking on your own. The main way to earn gems is by walking. You can earn Gems by walking with your smartphone at the rate of “1000 steps = 1 Gem”. There is a daily step limit of 10,000 steps per day, and if you walk 10,000 steps per day, you will receive an additional 5 Gems as a bonus.

Gems are used for leveling up. In Walken, both Gems and WLKN are required to level up Cathleite, and the required number is determined by level, regardless of rarity.


What is WLKN?

WLKN is the virtual currency required in the Walken game. You will definitely need it while playing the game. It is used for things like leveling up, payments, and voting as a governance token. You can get it by purchasing it, but you can also earn money by continuing to win in the game, so some people get more money without bothering to deposit.

win the competition

The main way to earn money in Walken is by winning in competitions, and depending on the league you participate in, you can earn the following rewards.

0〜10.1 WLKN
2〜30.19 WLKN
4〜50.45 WLKN
6〜71.03 WLKN
8〜92.02 WLKN
10〜115.14 WLKN
12〜137.71 WLKN

PvP duel

You can also earn WLKN by winning PvP duels. It is also possible to earn tokens in battles between players.

item sales

You can earn money by selling items on the marketplace.

daily quest

You can also earn WLKN by completing tasks in daily quests.

Features of Walken

Walken has the following features:

earn virtual currency

In the Walken game, you can get GEM linked to the distance and number of steps by running or walking. GEM can be used to strengthen character-type NFTs, and by winning the battle with the enemy’s CAThlete, you can obtain the virtual currency WLKN.

Solana chain

Walken is based on the Solana chain. The Solana chain is a platform that can be used at high speed and low cost. Based on this, SOL, which is Solana’s base currency, is required when making withdrawals.

No initial investment required

Walken is an NFT game. No initial investment required. In other words, the threshold is low because you can start the game for free. If you win the match with the first CAThlete, you can earn WLKN.


Walken has partnerships with quite a few investors and companies. We have partnered with virtual currency investment companies and companies specializing in DEX and NFT fields, which will be a sufficient factor in terms of reliability. A major update is planned for 2023.


WLKN is a move to earn token similar to STEPEN. Until now, you couldn’t earn money just by walking, but now you can earn money just by installing an app, which is quite innovative. In addition, the market is expected to expand steadily because no initial investment is required and the company is listed on the stock exchange. However, since the all-important fighting game has become quite monotonous, it is possible that core game otaku will soon get bored.

WLKN token value

What are the uses of WLKN tokens?

level up

You can use this token to level up your CAThletes. This token has meaning when you want to raise your level. To raise the level of CAThlete, you will need both GEM and WLKN. As your CAThlete level increases, you will be able to battle in higher ranked leagues.


Marketplace payment

WLKN tokens can also be used for marketplace payments. You can also buy and sell items such as CAThlete clothes on the Marketplace.

Walken’s future prospects

Some well-known companies have already invested in this coin, including Yield Guild Games, Huobi Ventures, and OLIVEX.

How to purchase WLKN

To purchase this cryptocurrency, you must first open a Bybit account. Please refer to the article below.

After logging in, type “WLKN” in the search window at the top. You can move to the WLKN chart and purchase screen.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/

WLKN is now available for purchase. Only WLKN/USDT can be traded. Trading is possible from the right frame.

Source : https://www.bybit.com/