[Gate.io: For Beginners] Reputation, reviews, features, advantages and disadvantages, thorough explanation of virtual currency exchange safety


Gate.io will become one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Although the exchange was founded in China, it is now based in the Cayman Islands, which is very reassuring. As of 2023, the number of users of this exchange will exceed 10 million worldwide, and you can easily see that it is one of the largest exchanges in the world.

What is Gate.io?

Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013. Since this exchange was founded in China, many people may feel uneasy about it. However, the base has since been moved to the Cayman Islands, so you can use it with confidence. The information below is as of 2023. Overseas, the operating company is on a par with Binance and other exchanges, the official website is solid, and there are more currencies than exchanges in Japan. We will explain details about content, services, risks, safety, and how to get started.

Company NameGate Technology.inc
HeadquarterCayman Islands
Founding year2013
Number of UsersOver 10 million
Number of Cryptocurrencies1730
Loss Cut100%
Max Levarage100
Min Deposit0.0001BTC~
Trading FeeFree
Securitytwo-factor authentication
cold wallet
multi signal

Features and Reputation of Gate.io

I will explain the features of Gate.io one by one. Gate.io has a somewhat expensive fee of 0.15~0.2% for both takers and makers, but you can manage your assets with a wallet. We also handle many altcoins such as Bitcoin. There is a VIP service, two-factor authentication setting, and check management, so you can trade with high reliability and from a low amount. Gate.io is a much safer exchange compared to coincheck etc.

Number of virtual currency stocks handled

As you can see from the research at CoinMarketCap, the biggest selling point of Gate.io is that it handles the largest number of stocks in the world. It is known that it will be the world’s top ranking as of 2023 on CoinMarketCap. It means that you have the chance to make a lot of money by investing in obscure coins. Of course, major coins are also available.

2MEXC Global1644
Source : Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranked By Volume | CoinMarketCap

Easy account opening

To open an account on Gate.io, you only need to register your email address. There is no need to prepare identity verification documents. Therefore, opening an account is very easy and there are few troubles. If you have not verified your identity, there is a daily withdrawal limit, but there is no need to worry about that. It is possible to trade even on a smartphone, and the appeal is that the basic information is stored thoroughly so that it cannot be identified.

security and safety

Gate.io has solid security measures. Cryptocurrency exchange hacking incidents have happened many times in the past, but they were hot wallets. However, Gate.io uses cold wallets. In addition to that, it uses multi-signal and is very secure.

Maximum leverage 100 times

Gate.io did not previously offer leveraged trading, but now leveraged trading is also available. The feature of leveraged trading is that you can trade with a maximum leverage of 100 times. The maximum leverage ratio varies depending on the trading issue, so it is recommended to check it at the time of trading.

CoinMax Levarage

No fees for deposits and withdrawals

There are no management fees. However, please note that only network fees will be charged for withdrawals. When making a withdrawal, we recommend using virtual currency with low network fees. If deposits and withdrawals take a significant amount of time, please contact support.

Transaction without identity verification

Gate.io has the advantage that you can start trading even if your identity has not been verified. However, please note that there are restrictions when withdrawing money. Although the identity verification process is not that complicated, Gate.io is a highly recommended exchange for those who feel bothered by the time-consuming process.

Deposits are supported by virtual currency, bank transfer, and credit card

Deposits are made in virtual currency. Therefore, I think that it will become common to convert fiat currency to another cryptocurrency exchange and then send it to Gate.io. However, most exchanges often send money only in virtual currency, so it is not a special case.

Region of Registered User

The main registered users of Gate.io will be the United States. The figure below is a quote from TradersUnion, a review site for virtual currency exchanges. In addition, you can see that there are many users all over the world, such as Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Source : TradersUnion

account type

In the case of Forex companies, there are many patterns where there are multiple account types, but in the case of Gate.io, the account type is only a standard account. Therefore, you can only choose this account type, so users will not hesitate so much.

mobile compatible

Gate.io does not mean that you can only trade using a web browser. In fact, a mobile app has also been implemented, making it possible to trade with a smartphone. You can install the app by scrolling down from the link below.


Source : Gate.io

Own token

Gate.io issues its own token, GT. When GT was listed, it is said that it raised 3 billion dollars, and it is attracting a lot of attention. If you own GT, you will receive benefits such as discounts on transaction fees when trading on Gate.io and the ability to participate in airdrop events.

bonuses and promotions

Gate.io is holding a bonus campaign. There are things that are held all the time, limited-time campaigns, and even contests, so it’s pretty rich and you won’t get bored. This exchange is recommended for heavy users.

copy trade

Gate.io also allows copy trading, so it is recommended for beginners who are not confident in trading and those who do not have time to keep looking at charts. It is also possible to entrust funds to traders with a proven track record and earn money instead.

Information exchange

Gate.io has traders live streaming and chat rooms. This makes it possible to exchange information between traders in real time. Exchanging information between traders can also help you make predictions.


Gate.io allows staking. Staking does not require any special trading techniques, so even beginners can make money quickly. It is an investment that can be recommended even for investors who are new to trading, and since no technical skills are required, there is a possibility that you can earn money automatically just by buying. Even if you have no knowledge, you can participate as long as you have completed two-step verification.


Gate.io also supports P2P transactions. Please refer to the article below as it is introduced. Of course, please be aware that depending on your area of residence, the Gate.io system is subject to restrictions, and you may not be able to register or buy or sell.

grid bot

Gate.io allows automatic trading using grid bot. Please refer to the article below as it is introduced.

NFT Marketplace

Gate.io allows you to trade NFTs. NFT has been attracting a lot of attention since the 2020s, and is a rapidly expanding market, so we highly recommend it.

Account registration is free

Gate.io is free and allows you to open an account right away, making it easy to open an account. If you are interested, we recommend that you try opening an account first. Gate.io is a world-famous exchange like Binance and Bybit, so you can use it with confidence. It also has very high ratings in reviews.